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Lost glide slope signal....

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Hi,I'm a lover of the B737NG but due to the delay of the release of the NGX and wanting keep me updated in a realistic way to pilot this plane (apart the hours spent with the always good PMDG B737 for fs9) I was obliged to spent my second hour into that B737-800 "fixed base simulator" in Milan...(what a pity...). On two sundays ago I was there where Christian, the proprietor and manager of that facility introduced to me Ismail, my copilot for that flight (I requested a copilot for realism purpose) a 20 y.o. boy having a Piper 28 PPL and, being member of that club, hundreds of hours on that B737 Sim.But this second session wasn't a "piece of cake" like the first I have done there...(in Italy instead of "piece of cake" to indicate an easy thing we use the way of saying "come bere un bicchier d'acqua"= like drinking a glass of water)...This time the route programmed was a Zurich-Malpensa flight 54 tons of ZFW+5,4 tons of fuel at fl210 (via GERSA UN850 ODINA) and I decided to use real weather (first time was without weather condtions, this time real and you've to keep in account that sunday weather was dogshit over Malpensa area: METAR gave wind 340/11 clouds various levels (I can't remember exactly) with ceiling 1200 ft, temp and dew point 16 C (both) shower rain with 30% possibility of TSRA, turbulence, Zurich was better wind 220/5 14C and decided also to start from the apron (the first time I had started directly on the runway):Taxing was uneventul I was worried about that but as I began (the tiller was broken so the nosegear had been linked to the rudder) and practised some seconds I was felt with it and thanks to the facts that moving a little forward the throttles the plane wasn't responding so fast as in FS9 and putting than at idle it mantained the speed, moreover screen were very big so you had a better sense of prospective and the final 90 degree turn to the rwy (Rwy 16) had been quite simple.Takeoff was easy: I had a little left crosswind component...During the briefing I decided to execute almost all the sid by handflying (following the FD) and you know the SIDS around Zurich are very demanding...in particular mine was a sort of "S" bend...moreover in real life I've to overflying a certain waypoint at or above 9000 ft but in that sim database the waypoint had to be overflown at 9000 ft so I had to levelled off the bird during a turn with rough air (turbulence) ...in spite off all my efforts on yoke and trim theplane was oscillting 50 ft up and down...also with smallest movement (fingers...) and the copilot saying me "the real bird would be easier to fly: it doesn't respond so quickly to the turbulence and also the controls are less sensitives...but whoever learn here then find very easy the transition into real companies sims")...cruise was good but during approach we had had a problem with autothrottle an engine being responding to the throttle movement the other one remaining in idle...(maybe a software problem not having programmed failures)..my "fellow2 had to recycle the A/T three times before having that problem solved...but the wrost was still to happen...approach was in IFR condition and considering the low ceiling during the brief I programmed as a Cat III ILS monitoring approach but advising my copilot that if, once arrived at 200 ft AGL, he had called "rwy in sight" I would have disengaged a/p and a/t and executed a manual landing...but still in clouds at about 1200 ft AGL the glide slope signal was lost for some seconds (10-20 I can't remember) and while I was trying to understand what had happened the plane began to "level off" and when the signal returned (problably due to a software problem) we were above the glide path!!! the diamond being near the low limit suddenly my copilot called me "What are you going to do: Would you take control or is a missed?" In real life would have been a go around we were at about 1000 ft geound not stabilized (over the glide) but I was there for training so I disengaged the A/P (I mantained the A/T till 200 ft) and called "I've controls" the ride was very hard due to the turbulence, wind shifting very difficult to keep that crossbar centered!!! than at 450 ft AGL my fellow called "rwy in sight" I looked outside..a little high I reduce a bit the attitude...but after having disengaged the A/T at about 200 ft...a descending gust...my fellow yelled at me..."pull up pull up" and I responding "I'm pulling i'm pulling" a little touch forward on the throttles....50 ft flare...30 ft idle...I touch..a little "hard" on the centre of the rwy but a little crabbed to the left...a short "kick" on the right rudder...reverse up...80 kts reverse down...50 kts manual braking...30 kts a steer the plane on the taxiway...I'm a little sweated..my fellow repeat to me "the real plane would be easier to control..."CiaoAndrea

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