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Paul Deemer

Third Time is the Charm - Way to go PMDG Dev Team!

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Logged onto my PMDG account today and got the latest installer for the NGX that has all 3 hot fixes installed already. Uninstalled NGX and installed with the new Installer and everything seems to be very stable. Way to go PMDG! Third time is the Charm? Loading Saved Flights Crash issue was still there but was able to resolved it. What would happen is, whenever I went to load a saved FSUIPC Autosave flight it would crash. Other people were reporting that the crash was fixed in Hot Fix 2. I tracked the problem down. It was my X52-Pro Joystick and Throttle Controllers. After disconnecting them before loading a flight all worked fine without any crashes. So if your still experiencing a crash while loading saved flights, disconnect your USB Flight Controllers and load the flight and then plug them back in. Now here is where it gets a little tricky. You will have to do this or your buttons and axis will not work correctly especially if you have anything assigned in FSUIPC for your controllers. Step 1. Disconnect your controllers Step 2. Load the saved Flight Step 3. Pause FSX Step 4. Go to My Computer / Control Panel / Game Controllers and Calibrate your Controllers. Step 5. Go in to FSUIPC and check your controls and axis assignments and fix them the way they should be. Then Exit. 6. Un-pause FSX and your ready to fly. If you do not want to go through all the above steps and already have another PMDG plane you could do what I was doing before I found out about the X52 Pro Issue. Load the PMDG 747-400 or MD-11 on the Runway somewhere let it sit a few seconds. End flight then load the saved flight. That also works for me without the above steps. Other than that I have not noticed any issues with doing a clean install of the 737-NGX with the new installer that has all 3 hot fixes already in there. You can get yours by logging onto your PMDG Account and re-downloading the Installer. Note: Not everyone is experiencing the crash while loading saved flights. This is to be expecting because of all the different controllers people use. If your not having a crash then disregard this post. If you are having a crash then try the above to resolve and report your findings. After I did the above I loaded my AutoSave 5 times to practice that final 180 turn into Madeira (LPMA) and finally was able do it the way the real world pilots do. That is one tough approach with all the wind and turbulence that is common for that airport. Real World Rwy 05 Approach at Madeira.

The Aerosoft Scenery with Pictures.http://secure.simmar...madeira-x.phtml

Paul Deemer

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