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  1. If your using FSUIPC did you remove the axis in FSX? You don't want to have them in both FSX and FSUIPIC. It's either one or the other. First calibrate your Yoke. Then each time you go into FSX to fly you should open FSUIPC and test a button or axis. By opening FSUIPC your refreshing it and this should be done before each and every flight. I found this especially necessary when using the PMDG 737-NGX. Try it and report back your findings.
  2. Yeah that was the same problem I had too. Getting the stupid springs to stay in place long enough to put the cover back on. I ended up just notching a groove with a knife. But it was definately worth the time. I love my Yoke Now! I got my Springs from Home Depot in the same pack of 4 springs that Tom Bought. I used the 2 big springs for the mod as Tom did and used one of the original 2 springs that you have to take out as the roll spring. It was loose and had some play in the roll so I used a Vise to clamp down on the ends and make the loops smaller. When I put it back on there was no play in the Roll and was perfect.
  3. After my X52 Pro bit the dust I knew this time I wanted a yoke. The reviews on Newegg had quite a few people who were not happy with the feel. After I came across this thread I ordered my Saitek Pro Flight with Extra Quadrant. (Already had the Saitek Rudder Pedals). After fretting and worrying for 2 days I finally took the yoke apart and started the mod. To my surprise I got everything back together without wrecking anything and the yoke is very smooth and feels like a much more expensive product. I also did the mod on the Saitek Rudder Pedals, where you take out the one spring so there is no center Ident. One thing that took me a little longer than it should have was I did not pay attention to how everything was put together in the yoke. So be sure and take some pics with your Cell phone camera. This will save you time from having to figure out what goes where when your re-aligning the yoke and the pedals. The Mod is very easy to do if your good with your hands. The only thing I have not been able to figure out is why my clock does not work. I got the drivers installed for the Yoke from the Saitek Website but only the Stop watch works.
  4. Out of left field and a shot in the dark try the following. 1) If you have another PMDG Plane such as the MD-11 or 747-400 try loading that first and then switching to the NGX at the gate. 2) Take one of your GTX 480 cards out of your computer and disconnect the (triplehead2go? 3 monitor setup?). Connect the GTX480 to a single monitor only at 1920x1200 resolution or less.
  5. Mike what Controllers are you using with that Rig?
  6. Did you know when you update your AIRACS the info is lost and you have to re-enter it? Check to see that you still have all the info below. VHHX Tutorial for PMDG Planes. Unzip the file and place the VHHX.txt file into the \FSX\PMDG\SIDSTARS folder. (VHHX_V9.ZIP from Navigraph Website)http://www.navdata.at/ FSX Instructions: Find the Folder \FSX\PMDG\Navdata 1) Open file wpNavAPT.txt, and add following to lines to the end of file, then save it. HONG KONG KAI TAK VHHX13 10930136 22.321667 114.196667111.9008800015HONG KONG KAI TAK VHHX31 10930316 22.305500 114.214500109.9031600015 It is Very Important that you line up the coordinates with the other entries in the above file. If you do not line them up neatly like the other Coordinate entries then you will not see the SID/STARs in the FMC. The Coordinates start after the Runway numbers and you can use the space bar to push them over till they line up with the other coordinate entries. 2) Open file Airports.dat using Notepad or other text editor, and add following line: VHHX 22.316667 114.203333
  7. I Just noticed something tonight. My buddy and I both had the Cathay HONG KONG liveries with RR engines. Both had Full Pax and half cargo. He had 180000 lbs and i had 150,000 Fuel and he weighed about 100,000 less than me. That didnt make sense. I went to the load manager and checked the weights and it all seemed similar to him. So what I found out was whenever I use the load manager it seems to apply the right weights or at least they are similar to my buddies. But whenever you use the PMDG options in FS9 to change the fuel thats when the weights change and I end up being heavier than him. For example. I just looking right now at 747-400 with Full Pax, 56000 lbs cargo, 149,488 lbs fuelMax Zero Fuel Weight 542,500Zero Fuel Weight 526,768Actual Take Off weight 676,256Okay so when I added the fuel I think I put 157,00 in with the load manager and I wanted to drop it to 150,000 so I used the PMDG Options to manually change fuel to 150,000.I been in the air about 20 minutes now and my weights are as follows650,000 Gross Weight DualZero Fuel Weight 526,800Fuel 123,000 CalculatedSee the Zero Fuel Weight for my flight right now? After taking off and getting to cruise altitude my ZFW is about what it said in the load manager for when I was on ground. And im 29,000 lbs fuel lighter.So any ideas why if you use the Fuel Manager in PMDG Options in FS9 you end up weighing more than if you use the Load manager?And which weights are correct? The ones you get from the load manager or the ones you get if you use the fs9 fuel manager?I have both the PAX and Freighterappreciate any help on this one.
  8. >Greetings Paul,>>Please go to the PMDG menu on top of FS (by pressing the ALT>key). Select OPTIONS and there select the TCAS traffic inject>from FSUIPC. >>That should have your traffic showing. Let me know if it>doesn't.>>--eric >>----->Romanian vACC on VATSIM>www.rovacc.orgThanks Eric I appreciate you reply. I figured it out and then posted before I saw your message but thanks and yes its working! :)
  9. I figured out what the problem was. Missed the option in PMDG where it was set to FS2004 internal and had to switch it over to FSUIPC in order to get online traffic to display.
  10. Just wondering I have 767-LEVLED and PMDG 747-400 and the 767 TCAS picks up traffic on VATSIM but I haven't seen any Traffic on the PMDG 747 TCAS. Yes I got TFC showing up on the display so I know its on.
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