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  1. Guys I have seen the Rocking Problem before in all of the PMDG planes with earlier versions of Activesky at one time or another. If you notice he mentioned he is using FSX Default Weather. It's the crazy FSX weather and turbulence that is causing the Plane to Rock back and forth like a Rocking Horse. Solution: Activesky 2012 and the latest version of FSUIPC.
  2. Not to Worry somebody will make a 777 UPS livery...
  3. It happens even in Window Mode when you have it maximized. There is an easy trick to make it go away. Put your Cursor up near the Top left of the screen so its about the middle of where the front facing NGX Windows are. Now hold the left mouse button down and drag the window view of the sky a few inches to the right then back to where it was. Viola problem solved. I have noticed I only have to do this once a flight. So I always do it before push-back.
  4. Lighten up dude it was a joke man. Go fly and Relax and stop worrying about the cost.
  5. Dude my parents died over 15 years ago and I am 46 and Support myself. Thanks for the Thought! Fixing to get the 747-400 V2 as well. It takes awhile to save up when you have other bills such as Rent, Car Utils etc. Yall can relax I highly doubt PMDG is gonna charge $150.00 I was just stating if they did It would still would be worth it to me. Maybe they outta sell 2 versions. One Basic $80.00 and a Gold Edition for $120.00 that has Bonus Features. ^_^
  6. So I get to fly for a couple years and a couple thousand flights for my $1600 and you only get 7 hours in the real world? I'll take the New Computer and 777 easy over that! :yahoo: Have fun with your 7 hours. :Raised Eyebrow:
  7. I'm planning on finally doing my upgrade during the 1st week of June. That's when the new Intel Hawell processors will be released. So with a New MB, RAM, Processor, Video Card, 3rd Party Cooler and 2 Western Digital 10,000 rpm hard drives its gonna cost about $1600. Already got the DVD drives, Case and a 900 watt power supply so will just swap out the parts I am replacing. All this just for FSX. I also have a Yoke, Pedals and Dual Throttle Quadrants. The point is it is an expensive hobby. If you can't afford or are not willing to buy the best planes and pay for what they are worth then this hobby is not for you. I had to save up for a year for this upgrade and it is totally worth it. So when I am spending $1600 on hardware am I worried about $150 for a plane if its the best out there? Nah! :rolleyes:
  8. What I meant to say was I like to setup the aircraft and go through the checklists rather than starting at the gate with the engines running. And although you rarely find a cold and dark plane in the real world we don't have anyone to setup our aircraft for us. Better to go through the check lists and do it all from scratch that way you know your aircraft is setup correctly. I have a couple buddies that are lazy and always start at the gate with the engines running. Sometimes they forget to set something up correctly and find out mid-flight they are screwed! :>) PMDG 747-400 and MD-11
  9. I'm about as realistic as it gets. I always start my aircraft from a Cold and Dark Panel State. I build all my flight plans from scratch. I follow as much of the real world procedures as possible. Currently have 8,962 Flight Hours on the VATSIM Network. 85 percent of the time I am in the cockpit. I love doing long hauls most. 12-14 hours and my longest was 18.5 hrs.
  10. I suggest if your not gonna fly the plane per real world procedures and your planning on sleeping that you fly offline. VATSIM is a real world procedures type of network and they have zero tolerance for people sleeping in the cockpit.
  11. VMMC (Thai Creation) passing VHHH (Imaginesim) to VHHX (Fly Tampa). The Best Route with 3 Airport Sceneries. Add FS Global and you got the ultimate quickie. :Devil:
  12. Ummm lets see. They can afford a $600.00 Ipad, $200.00 Cell Phone $1500.00 Car Stereo, $2,000 Computer to run FSX? But they can't afford more than $100 for the best Plane in the History of FlightSim? Give me a break! They will pay whatever PMDG asks for it or they won't have a T7. Simple as that. They can easily get $150.00 if they wanted to and it is worth every penny. :Money Eyes:
  13. Absolutely Zero Chance this is happening in January. But on the other hand FS Dream Team released CYVR! Something to take your mind off the 777 for awhile lol. Not often you see a good Canadian Airport released.
  14. Mike describe AutoThrottle Issue in detail and what set of controllers you use. I have the Saitek Pro Flight with Saitek Rudder Pedals and an Extra Throttle Quadrant. Before that I had the X52 Pro and had both running fine with the NGX. The people that usually have problems with the NGX and FSUIPC are just too lazy too spend enough time learning how to set it up right. They get frurstrated then say it was a waste of money to register. Best thing to do is just ask somebody to help you set it up correctly. While there are many advantages and benefits of having the registered FSUIPIC the biggest is the AXIS Assignments. When flying with the FSUIPC axis in stead of FSX assigned its much smoother and easier to control. Best way I could describe it is. If you undercook a steak its tough and you need a steak knife. If you cook it just right you can cut it with a butter knife. That the difference FSX vs FSUIPC as far as AXIS control goes. There are many other benefits as well. But don't take my word for it. Ask any home cockpit builder out there, they all use it.
  15. I use FSUIPIC with the NGX, MD11 and 747 Without any problems. Just be sure you dont have any axis assigned in both FSX and FSUIPC or they will conflict. Best way to prevent this is just delete all axis assigned in FSX first then assign them one at a time in FSUIPIC. It also helps to go into Fsuipc before each pushback and move a couple levers on your throttle. Not sure why but every time I start FSX throttle lever 3 gets changed to 4 for whatever reason. But once i go into fsuipc and reassign it back to 3 everything is nice and smooth rest of flight. So best to make it a habit of going into FSUIP and checking things before each flight.
  16. I didn't mean to imply that it was wrong to have the option, just not realistic. But maybe Ryan will post in here laster and let you know if that option is going to be available or not.
  17. While your patiently waiting for the 777 to come out here a is detailed review of the 787. http://www.aviationw...-522072.xml&p=5 After your done with that here is an incredible High Res video of the 787 covering takeoff, cruise and landing. Awesome! By default the video starts at 360p just change it to 1080p for highest resolution and full screen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-s9ynMnPdCQ I hope PMDG Will do this aircraft in the future. The Best Boeing ever designed.
  18. Paul Deemer


    Same here, if I just paid for a brand new 777 from (Boeing) PMDG I want a pristine new looking aircraft and not something that looks 10 - 15 years old. I agree there should be an option to choose between new and old. It would not be that hard to provide two sets of textures.
  19. Paul Deemer


    I chose to see the swear words? Come on its obvious when you first look at it. I experience enough cussing and swearing every day in the city. Don't think its funny or amusing it all or why we have to see it in the forums. The last guy got a 14-day ban for using the F-bomb a couple posts down. So somebody does the same thing and he should be treated differently just because he is vet?
  20. Paul Deemer


    This post should be removed immediately and its OP banned. If you read the title the guy is posting the F-word for all to see. He just moved the first letters around. What it actually says is F-WORD NUTS!
  21. There is no delay. It's going through rigorous testing and certification. If there was a betting pool I would say it will be ready in the Spring of 2013 and your Christmas present this year will be screenshots of the Cockpit and its Systems.
  22. When asking questions like these here is something to think about. PMDG has always tried to make planes that are as realistic as possible. Because wear and tear causes failures on real world planes that is also modeled in the PMDG planes. However modeling a seperate unrealistic amount computer generated failures is a waste of time and not realistic so I doubt it will be done. You buy a PMDG plane for Realism not Fantasy. If you don't fly enough to see actual wear and tear failures you always have the option of setting off a failure manually.
  23. I will be testing the 777 to the extreme to find out it's maximum range. First test will be United Airlines OMDB (Dubai) to NTAA (Tahiti) at 18.5 hrs TUKLA A791 LATEM N894 TELEM A791 CEA B465 DAKID W14 CTG A599 POU B330 CH A461 NOMAN M501 UNZ A222 PNI A578 NI A584 FA B577 TUT G224 TAF
  24. You seen em take off and land. But have you ever seen a good Push Back?
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