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  1. So when I stat Squawkbox that transponder icon appears which displays the Mode C, and Standby buttons. But after about two startups after a reinstall, it stopped showing up. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to fix it?
  2. On long haul flight especially with the 777, VHHH>KEWR is 16.3 hours. Is anyone like me and fall asleep overnight and when you wake back up you only have 3-6 hours to go? Obviously if the flight is for fun, it would be a pointless act because your doing a 16 hour flight for a reason to eb there the entire time right? But I'm talking about the times when your flying for your VA like United (the one that has that specific flight). Will this become a regular accurence (trend) do you guys think? Will the T7 be so nice that "long Hauls" will be a new trend in the flight sim community? So basically what I'm asking is how big of an impact will this long haul type aircraft have?
  3. My solution is that I was using chrome to login and as soon as I tried internet explorer it worked.
  4. did you get that where I think you got that from haha
  5. stop....teasing!....its making me over think like rgamurot :( hahaMaybe its another aircraft , I doubt it but hey, we all gotta have dreams right?
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