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Any IVAO/IvAp setup experts in here...?

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Posted this over in IVAO's own forums as well but haven't got any respone so thought I would try in here too. I'm trying to get IvAp (the IVAO pilot client software) to work in a multi PC setup where I would like to have the IvAp user interface on a second PC and the rest of the IvAp modules running on my main FSX PC. Problem I get is when I start IvAp (External) on my second PC after starting FSX on my main PC IvAp crashes with the following error message:IvAp - DLL Hoster has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenienceSince I never used IvAp in a multi computer setup before I also have some questions:- is it important that I have the same IvAp settings on both computers? For instance I want to use the IvAp built-in weather engine, should that be configured in IvAp both on my FSX computer and the second computer? Any other settings that are important to think of when running in a multi PC environment...?- should I only start IvAp (External) on the second PC or should I also start IvAp on my main FSX computer and if so...is it important in what order I start them?- I read somewhere that you must run TeamSpeak on the same PC where you're running the IvAp user interface, is that correct? I hope not since I would like to only run the IvAp user interface on the second PC to avoid the screen flickering showing/hiding IvAp when running FSX in full-screen mode and then run all other IvAp modules including TeamSpeak on my main FSX computer where I have a good soundcard, my headset connected etc.Would really appreciate if someone could give me a hand on how to set this up or maybe it isn't possible to run IvAp in a multi PC setup in FSX...? I also did some searching on Internet but most of the stuff I found was very old and mainly regarding older versions of FS. TIA,

Richard Åsberg
Beta tester for FS2Crew and HiFi Simulation Technologies

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