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Climb speed under 10,000ft does not stay under 250 kts

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Hello, I have started to see an issue occur on my flights in the NGX. At first it was sporadic, but I have completed two flights in a row with the following issue, and wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing and if I should ask PMDG if it's a bug that needs squashing. The FMC should have a speed restriction on the INIT CLB Page to limit the speed to 250 kts under 10000ft. But I have noticed this line is blank while prepping for flight. If I try to type in 250/10000 in the scratchpad and line select it, it won't be accepted. I thought this field defaults to 250/10000, and if not, it should at least accept a valid entry. As it turns out, once I'm past the flaps retraction altitude and cleaning up flaps in preparation for the acceleration to 250kts, the commanded speed skips 250 and goes to the econ climb speed that normally is used from 10000ft to cruise. In my last flight, that was 290kts. I had a feeling this would happen since it's happened about 4 times so far, so I just pressed speed intervene and changed it to 250. Can anyone confirm seeing this behavior as well? I have the latest hotfix3 applied.

A.J. Domingo

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