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Just a suggestion...

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Hey, I was looking for a B-2 Spirit to fly the other day, and I noticed that there are none! I think this could b a good project for PMDG to take, because a lot of people like this specific airplane and it's a big hole in the sky - no one has done even with a VC. I do understand that it is very difficult to do it without all the classified information, but is there any chance? Or is it against PMDG policy to do military airplanes like the B-2? Anyways, it's just a question, not a request fo something, so no need for anybody to ge mad at me.... Eduardo Rubini

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I think with the way that PMDG go, they don't do military jets but I am sure someone else would do one and if it was good, I would definitely buy it.

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I think the problem is accuracy. It's impossible to get enough data to create it to a realistic level

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