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  1. also getting heaps of texture flashings like black vertical lines. I have done a bit of research but was unable to find a to the point answer.
  2. I have a similar problem. My Filtering settings are identical to the ones in this thread but it wont work in FSX. It is still relying on FSX's AF. This is after I had done a complete reinstall of windows due to something going wrong. It worked fine earlier, why now is what I wonder?
  3. I couldn't go through all the pages to check if someone already had requested but a Norfolk Airlines Livery would be nice. Going from the ORBX YBBN to the island of Norfolk. even though they don't operate the -800, it'd be great.
  4. 590's really aren't that good for FSX. They have to run slower than a standard 580 and I would think they may be pretty close to a high end OCed GTX 570 for FSX perf.
  5. Only really gain 10FPS with the OC and new GPU for me, I think there is something wrong. It wasn't a complete fresh install but maybe I could just disable some scenery in the scenery library.
  6. As I was uninstalling REX and then re-installing it, I thought, how would a thread go where we all posted out REX textures and settings. I personally would be for it but what do you think. I know thins shouldn't be here but I don't think I should start a thread just to see what others think. Remember to keep those FSXMark11 results coming!
  7. OK, here is all I can get, vanilla as it can be. Frames: 15793Time: 445000Min: 17Max: 62Avg: 35.49
  8. Well something is not right. I get less FPS without REX, odd. No ENB, no photoscenery, not antilag. Funny. Anyway, without REX I get 32 FPS on average. I feel that something is not right in the system. Oh no, I have tweaks on, better try again.
  9. OK, I am restoring FSX cloud textures so I should have some proper results in 10 minutes or so now that I have some time.
  10. I will try that one day. I thought I would upload it here anyway, either way, its no advantage to me if this is any competition.
  11. Here are mine. Sorry, didn't have time to do three tests. I couldn't be bothered taking off REX so probably add 5FPS or so the the average. Hardware Config:CPU: Core i5 2500k 4.7GHzRAM: 4GB 1333 CL7 G.SkillGPU: ASUS GTX 570 850MHzHDD: Single 1TB Caviar Blue Frames: 15664 Time (ms): 447460Min: 21Max: 50Avg: 35.006
  12. This is a very good little tutorial. I have read some and they just don't say what each setting actually does unlike this one, great job mate!
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