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FCA 737 checklist

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Can anyone help me doing the following actions FCA 737?From the MAIN PREFLIGHT: Oxygen test (how to do?)BEFORE TAXI: confirm Gen voltage ( How to confirm it?) EAI/WAI button (where is this)?? Also there is no taxi lights turning on in the before taxi FLOWS also CHECKLIST???From sounds checklist I cant find and do the following:Oxygen ( how to test?)Presuruzation mode selctor?This part becames to puzzling for me..Worried.gif






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Oxygen test: look at the oxygen mask. Find the click spot (not the red button, the one closest to the window. Its a little flap). Press it, you'll hear a hiss of the oxygen.Gen voltage: On the overhead, there is a screen. Rotate the knob to the generators and just check to make sure the voltage isn't low.EAI/WAI: Engine and Wing anti ice. On/off for the conditions you are in.Pressure mode selector should be Auto. Overhead, bottom right. A knob with Man/Auto.

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