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I love this plane !

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Congratulation to PMDG gang for producing a superb model. I am sure they will manage to solve the infancy bugs and make all of you happy pilots. Below is a pic of my system. I use a matrox triplehead2go card to and get with full sliders (no traffic, ASE, EZdok) typically 30 fps (could fall to 20 on the ground of a complex scenery airport with bad weather) Happy landing ! Best Karim PS: I can't see the pic I've just uploaded ! Help

win 10x64 - Asus Rampage V Extreme - I7 5930K@4.5Ghz - Samsung 850 pro SSD - RAM Corsair 32GB DDR4 2800 - Corsair H100i - Asus Geforce 1080 ti - Philips BDM4065UC 4K monitor - oculus rift cv1 and a few other goodies

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