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PMDG...am I allowed to upload a NGX panel state file to AVSIM?

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Hi all, There are already some great checklists for the NGX done by others but what I've found with these checklists is that I find them to include many steps that I normally don't perform on every single flight, things like testing all fire bells and whistles etc. So for this reason I decided to first setup the cockpit in a cold & dark state which corresponds to how the flightdeck should look like for every single switch in the cockpit according to the Boeing doc that came with the NGX after running both the shutdown and secure flows and then from this state make a checklist including all the phases of the flight from preflight at the origin to securing the a/c at the destination. Since I'm doing all my flying online I will also in the include items such as filing your flightplan, asking ATC for push and engine startup clearence etc. Not fully realistic to include those kind of items in a checklist but the main purpose of this checklist will be to serve as a memory note how to perform a correct flight online in the NGX. Being used to the company of a FS2Crew FO this checklist will be there to help not forgetting about any steps during all the phases of the flight. Despite trying my best to make this checklist 100% correct I'm sure I'll still miss something or do some mistakes so until perfect this checklist to me will be a "living" document/checklist where any errors or mistakes will be continuously corrected. That was a long run-up to my very short question...since my intention is to share my checklist once it's completed with the rest of the FS community would it be OK to also include my own cold & dark panel state files with the checklist to make sure anyone who wants to use the checklist will start in the same cold & dark state that the checklist will be based on or are there some copyright stuff prohibiting this? TIA,

Richard Åsberg
Beta tester for FS2Crew and HiFi Simulation Technologies

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