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No CTDs and panel freezes using "hotfix 3"

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Finally I had the chance to do some serious flying in the NGX and after reading about all problems people had the last weeks with CTDs and panel freezes I was a bit worried how things would be for me when starting flying and what I've found is this. Thought I woud let you all know since it might help someone that do get these problems. First of all I discovered that using any d3d9.dll files 9 out of 10 times semms to generate a fatal error when exiting out of FSX after a flight. This goes both for the ENB series d3d9.dll file and also the same file that comes with the Antilag external framerate limiter. Too bad since I really like both these extra addons and truely miss flying without them. Another thing I noticed is that after having various problems with IvAp crashing from time to time not only in combination with the NGX but also other a/c I finally seem to have found a fix for this (at least in my case) and that by configuring IvAp to run in a multi-PC setup where I bought I cheap and simple netbook PC where I now run the IvAp user interface. All the other IvAp modules are still running on my main FSX computer since I have LOTS of more muscles in that one compared to the netbook. I did try running most modules on the netbook but that resulted in the netbook running very sluggish. So...to sum up how I managed to get what so far seems to be a 100% stable NGX...don't use any 3rd party d3d9.dll files in your FSX folder and if flying online on IVAO try setting up IvAp to run in a multi PC setup wtih the IvAp user interface on a second computer and not on your FSX computer. Lastly I'm not running any special tweaks or such except for the recommended Bojote tweaked fsx.cfg. My FSX sliders are to the right but not all the way, water for example is set to 2 Low and I have zero AI traffic (since I'm always flying online) and I have the road and boat traffic set to only 12% if my memory serves. I really feel for all of you having problems with CTDs etc that won't let you enjoy this great a/c the way it was meant to, I all too well know how annoying it can be having these kind of problems but maybe with some luck this post can help someone although I think most of the content is really no news like not using the d3d9.dll files etc. If you are one those who have constant CTDs and want me to try something on my setup which so far seems to be a stable one please let me know and I'll do my best to help you because everyone should really be able to enjoy this a/c which truely is incredible when everything is running like it should do! And now with the latest videos starting to show up on YouTube etc where real NGX drivers share their knowledge and expertise how the real world counterpart is flown and handled it's even more amazing to try out your own skills in the NGX! This sure seem to become a very good FS fall :(

Richard Åsberg
Beta tester for FS2Crew and HiFi Simulation Technologies

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I had a similar issue with FSINN would work ok with any other aircraft but as soon as I used the 737 ngx it would crash. I installed FSINN on my slave pc and it has worked a treat, online for 3 hours last night without any issues. Now in the process of trying it with IVAP (external). Second pc or laptop is definately the way to go if you can.I have not installed any fixes either, I am using the original download which I purchased before any fixes were available.

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