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This morning I removed two topics. (nevertheless , thanks to some guys who tried the positive approach) Both topics had to do with comments on FSX and X-Plane and their users users and the way they (mis-) behave. Thats not what this forum is ment for. This is a forum ment for X-Plane users to discuss X-Plane NOT a forum for other (MSFS) simmers to criticise X-Plane and its users.A MSFS user is a "guest" at an X-Plane forum and should behave like a guest.The same goes for X-Plane users visiting MSFS forums. I really want to stop this everlasting quarrel. If quarreling continues all these posts will be removed without further notice. Leen de Jager PSI am a big fan of BOTH simulators and painting aircraft-skins for both of them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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