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Impressed by the NG.

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All I can say is wow. Wasn't expecting that! I'm unsure if it was PMDG or FS Passengers that decided to break a window at FL350, is there a way to find out? I only have service based failures on. All passengers and crew survived; as for the NG, well lets just say the engineers won't be too happy with these Tech Log entries: *Cabin crew reported crack in cabin window at 35 000ft, QRH Emergency Descent and Rapid Depressurization Non Normal Checklists completed. *Crew and passenger Oxygen masks deployed. *"Off sched descent" annunciated. QRH Off sched descent NNC completed. *Reporting hard landing. The point of this topic - to highlight the fidelity of the simulated systems - amazing. I now have an extra 750 FS Passenger points to loose now. Ashley Frew.

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