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  1. Ahuh! That's what I was doing wrong then. I have the scroll wheel mapped to something else. All this time i've been left/right clicking to turn the knobs. Thanks everyone. Ash Frew.
  2. Peter, it takes much more than 10 seconds to set an altitude of 30,000 ft from 0 ft on the NGX; and again, trying to set minimums to a value greater than a couple of hundred feet is absolute torture. I've just uploaded a video comparing the NGX and a real 767's MCP altitude select knob speed. Sorry that I couldn't compare it to a real 737, but I couldn't get anywhere near one last night as I was kept well and truly busy on the featured 767. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh-U07E-cig&feature=youtu.be Ash Frew.
  3. The problem isn't isolated to the altitude select knob, but also to the other knobs on the MCP and EFIS select panel, in the NGX's 3D cockpit. Though the problem can be overcome by proper management of the flight, it is an absolute nuisance, particularly when wanting to set a Decision Altitude (Height) that is greater than a couple of hundred feet (refer to NZQN and LOWI charts for examples). I know there are work arounds i.e. buying a more sophisticated mouse or by using a Radio Altitude DH, but these solutions are besides the actual point of the slow rate of numerical increment/decrement. With that said, a fix would be desireable but not entirely essential. Ash Frew.
  4. I know how you feel Ryan! I had the same issue with my airline and their Queenstown procedures. Mariano does some tremendous work! Tremendous work indeed!Ashley Frew.
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