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  1. Hi, This has happened to me as well and it's also deleted a few of my views. However I made a few of my own views and they somehow changed and got deleted. Is they're a way to possibly get them back? Just happened yesterday after loading up for a flight. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am currently making this paint at the moment. It will be released soon. Still a WIP
  3. Confirm same here. Also noticed a few other things, with ground chocks connected and the parking brake released the bottom left notification saying brakes are set has disappeared and also can do full flight control movement with the aircraft completely shutoff. (It could be my end, P3D V3).
  4. Very sad news! RIP Tom. Thanks for everything! :(
  5. Cant wait for the T7!

    1. ddswh1pk0s


      You should change this the 777 is already out

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