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  1. I'm more of a reader than a poster here but I couldn't resist this time: Seriously? Are you just trolling or did you really just take this to a personal issue? You're clearly offending him while I can't see a reason to do so? Well probably because you ran out of 'smart' comments with actual facts to support your accusations against PMDG. I can't confirm any of your accusations simply because they've proven the opposite; whenever I had a problem, they were ready to support and actually cared, just as we would expect from PMDG. I've been following PMDG actively since the release (or let's say couple of months before the release) of the NGX, and I've never seen a negative move which would cause anyone to think this way. You got what you paid for, everything that was promised has been delivered, that's fair, and they did more than they actually promised to deliver to us, so, in my opinion, you don't have the right to demand stuff they didn't promise to give. Words from a pleased customer. Wish you all, (especially you, Joe Smith) a wonderful day / night!
  2. Hi Michael! I have no problems anymore as i posted in my previous reply to this topic. Everything works just fine now. WXR and Perf uplinks etc! Instead of updating the liveries in the OC I simply uninstalled all liveries and config files were deleted, and reinstalled afterwards. Since then, everything works just fine!
  3. Hey there. I am reporting back with (I guess I can call it so) success! I did remove my liveries a second time and deleted the config files again (via the OC), redownloaded the specific livery from the OC directly and reconfigured everything. Started the sim, requested PERF data and Wind updates every 2 minutes and no crashes so far, it would normally crash at the second try with weather updates, and it would crash directly when accepting or rejecting the PERF data. I think I know what could be the issue here at least for my setup: I'm not sure if I did misread something but Instead of redownloading all liveries I did only click to UPDATE them on the OC, that could've been the issue. Might also be my own stupidity, I hope this helps some of you with the same issues. Good luck!
  4. Like some of you guys I keep getting CTD's as well. Every time I want to accept or reject the performance info it crashes directly. I don't have ASN yet, I am using FS Real WX and I request weather info, I accept it and most of the time it works. During the flight however, or even before take off I want to update the weather info, and the second try I get a CTD again. By the way, it's on the 777-200! I don't have the 300ER yet.
  5. I have made a couple liveries for myself and one of them is actually on AVSIM but the TC-SUZ is too hard for me, I'm not pro enough for that. I was looking for one as well :(
  6. Just heard about this and can't wait to try it out. A big thank you in advance for providing such a tool. Good luck with the progress!
  7. I have to agree with Robert.. He was always polite to me and everyone else as far as I've seen his posts.. I'm shocked and kept track of this thread for such a long time, checked the topic yesterday and seeing these news today almost made me fall off the chair. He helped us all and took off.. My condolences to Andy and Steve's family.. Fair winds...
  8. Runway 70R?! As far as I know, only Captain Chuck Norris can land on such a runway! Joke aside, congratulations and IÄm looking forward to finally flying the T7 as well.. (No time :( )
  9. So happy to hear, Steve! Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing and hearing your future work! I wish you all the best!
  10. I have actually noticed this as well but never wanted to jump into the heated discussions. I'm really glad this is going to be fixed with SP2. By the way, I'm not a pilot but I've been sitting on the cpt and f/o seat of many different 738's to tell you that IN MY OPINION, it's still noticeable when you sit up front instead of taking a photo from the jumpseat or flight deck door angle. I hope I can make a couple photos in 2 weeks when sitting on the NG again, wish me luck! Oh and Josua... Grats buddy, haha!
  11. Were you descending by any chance? If so, I assume your A/T was turned on but switched to ARM mode (after RETARD mode), in which you can manually move the levers (if set so in the FMC's PMDG settings - joystick throttle overriding NG throttle in ARM mode or in all modes). Do you have a single throttle on your joystick or one for each engine? Just my assumption.
  12. Sounds great Steve! Thanks for your efforts! Any idea when we can expect another great sound pack of yours? EDIT: Whoops! Just noticed your previous replies and the info about waiting for the T7 release. My bad!
  13. Actually, if I remember correctly (correct me if I'm wrong, can't guarantee that this is true), FSL A320's pro version will include it if everything works out. But as I said I'm not quite sure about it, I don't remember where I read that.
  14. I'd also be interested to know if there is any progress regarding this feature.
  15. I love the deep bass at ~ 50 % N1. I remember on a recent flight in a 738 during descend it was the EXACT same sound and that just got me there. If I could just open the windows now :( (I remember the F/O taking a pic of myself when I was sitting on his seat, my right hand out of the window, 30-35° C outside, damn that was a nice day!)
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