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  1. Hi Michael! I have no problems anymore as i posted in my previous reply to this topic. Everything works just fine now. WXR and Perf uplinks etc! Instead of updating the liveries in the OC I simply uninstalled all liveries and config files were deleted, and reinstalled afterwards. Since then, everything works just fine!
  2. Hey there. I am reporting back with (I guess I can call it so) success! I did remove my liveries a second time and deleted the config files again (via the OC), redownloaded the specific livery from the OC directly and reconfigured everything. Started the sim, requested PERF data and Wind updates every 2 minutes and no crashes so far, it would normally crash at the second try with weather updates, and it would crash directly when accepting or rejecting the PERF data. I think I know what could be the issue here at least for my setup: I'm not sure if I did misread something but Instead of redownloading all liveries I did only click to UPDATE them on the OC, that could've been the issue. Might also be my own stupidity, I hope this helps some of you with the same issues. Good luck!
  3. Like some of you guys I keep getting CTD's as well. Every time I want to accept or reject the performance info it crashes directly. I don't have ASN yet, I am using FS Real WX and I request weather info, I accept it and most of the time it works. During the flight however, or even before take off I want to update the weather info, and the second try I get a CTD again. By the way, it's on the 777-200! I don't have the 300ER yet.
  4. Just heard about this and can't wait to try it out. A big thank you in advance for providing such a tool. Good luck with the progress!
  5. Well, I flew the exact same route and at the same point I had the calculated difference, that's what my FSX spit out to me. Might be unrealistic but that was the difference. Now it came way closer by the update. Here is the link http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html
  6. I know, it's been a while since someone posted in this topic so sorry if this is kind of a bump (even though it's stickied..). Thank god I came across this topic, I think I've seen this last year but kinda forgot to update my FS with the latest magnetic variation file(s). I'm flying my 738 to Stuttgart, Germany, inbound SBG I noticed my heading was 325, which confused me and I decided to take a look at some of the photos I made during the flight when I was inbound SBG in the real 738 on my jumpseat ride, we were at heading 287, that's a very big difference and I just remembered this topic and thank god it still exists! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing this! I can't believe there's such a huge difference..
  7. Turkish Airlines TC-JFI (Star Alliance) Turkish Airlines TC-JYA (The new 737-900 which is not delivered yet)
  8. Hey Gents, As promised, the SunExpress is awaiting approval of the AVSIM staff. Should be up today or tomorrow. Almost there with the Turkish Airlines TC-JFI..
  9. Here you go bud.. It is the TC-SUL simply because i wanted to have this for such a long time as well. I will do some final adjustments on it before i release it. By the way, the aircraft will be completely configured according to the real TC-SUL aircraft, i was in the cockpit and took enough info as i could. I am currently working on 3 liveries and got about 95% on the SunExpress, 99% on the TC-JYA (The new 737-900 in the new livery for Turkish Airlines), and the TC-JFI, the STAR ALLIANCE version of one of the 738's on Turkish Airlines. PM me if someone is interested, i will be rolling them out by tomorrow hopefully. Here are a few screens.. Hope you like 'em so far.
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