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  1. Nice manual! That didnt solve the problem though
  2. Hello pilots! So i am using the latest P3D v3 version with the latest NGX P3D version. It seems that the textures, especially the textures on the ND, PDF displays are unsharp. I am unable to read for instance the airports and waypoints on the ND. Any idea how i can fix this? Thanks mates!
  3. Thanks for the comment. What is the difference between the Reboot Captain´s Set and the Reboot (Voice and Button Control) Set?
  4. Hello guys! Just a question, is the NGX legacy version (i bought it for the FSX version of the 73 that time) also compatible with the latest version of P3D v3.4 and the P3D PMDG NGX? Thanks for your support!
  5. for me, it worked out! thanks for this great but very simple tipp!
  6. Hello Pilots, since we have the visual opportunity to get our aircraft decided before flight, is there an official procedure? in what stage can we deice the aircraft? What about packs and other flight systems? Any story about it? Cheers
  7. i hope they fix the problems with the flap movement, the unshape light on the winglets if you look on them at night from the cockpit..
  8. sorry but have to ask this, this thread is so big that i´m to lazy to read every page. so easy question: does sweetfx NOT work with windows 8 64bit in FSX?? cause trying atm, but seems that it doesnt work :(
  9. i´ve found it..u can delete those 2 posts, sry.
  10. i´m gettin crazy here ...where can i download this package!
  11. Hey guys, searching for the D-ATUL repaint of Tuifly, cause gonna fly with that aircraft tomorrow. would like to do the FSX flight first
  12. ahhh NICE wheree to get it?? :)
  13. well i would USE ONLY the VOICE version, but doesnt work on my PC...at the moment button, but in future, with a new hardcore simmer pc :D of course voice
  14. who is this majestic? dont know them? they makin good stuff? and where to get it? how close is release for them? cheers..
  15. so i have seen they only doin the 200 and 300 right? :( want that 400 Airberlin
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