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Hellenic Airways opening!

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Hi We have now our complete website setup and new HELTRACK flight tracking client! starting normal airline operations from now on!We are still looking for staff members and of course many pilots ;) any help is appreciated!"Hellenic Airways is a new Athens based virtual airline. The airline was founded by two real life pilots (I`m first officer on A320`s myself) and a real life ramp agent in Salzburg. We are currently operating a fleet of 11 Airbus A320 family aircraft and 6 Boeing 737 -700/-800`s. For regional and domestic routes we have ATR72`s and EMB145`s in our fleet, however the EMB`s will be replaced by RJ100`s in the near future. We also have started some long range operations with 2 new Airbus A330 and 2 Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Most aircraft are based in athens but we have also established bases in Kos, Heraklin, Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Samos and Paphos where 1 or 2 aircraft are based on each of those airports. There are also plans for a Corfu Base in the upcomming weeks. We are looking for people that are not only frequently up in the virtual skies but also frequently visiting our forums and join our discussions to build up a nice FS community. Please be invited to check out our website and have a look for yourselves. Also newcomers are very welcome and I`m pretty shure my F/O collegue und myself can help you getting started in your virtual aviation carreer anytime!"Just visithttp://www.hellenicair.co.nr/

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