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Antilag Alternative FPS Limiter issue with 2 monitors

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Hopefully someone will have a solution to my problem. I have recently installed the Antilag Alternative FPS Limiter as per the readme into the FSX root folder on my system. My FPS set to 30 in the CFG file and everything was working well with the frame rate constant at around 30 FPS. I ususally fly the MD11 and place the 2D panels of the cockpit on my second monitor. When I moved the 2D panels over to my second monitors my FPS of the main monitor dropped dramatically from 30FPS to 7 FPS. If I dragged the panels back onto the main monitor the frame rate increased back to the original 30 FPS. I then increased the FPS number in the Antilag from 30 to 60, same result. If I use the standard limiter in FSX I don't get the frame rate drop when moving the 2D panels.Is there a workaround or solution so I can run this program and have my 2D panels (throttles, MCDU, Radio, Overhead ) on the second monitor and not experience the drop in FPS.Thanks in advance

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