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Global Gateways Virtual Airlines

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Hey Guys, last time you heard from us we were attempting to revitalize Virtual WestJet. Unfortunately that did not work out for us and now we have moved on. We've been laying out the framework and this is a general idea of what we have so far. Feel free to give us feedback. We are also looking for staffing in most areas. Global Gateways AirlinesFLEETBoeing 737NG, 767, 747-400 and Boeing MD-11The benefit here is the availability of high quality payware (these are the most realistic payware aircraft) and that most of these are also available in other freeware and shareware formats for those not wanting to fly to PMDG type standards.HUBSToronto, Calgary, Manchester, Heathrow, Stansted, San Francisco and Cairns AustraliaThis is not as many hubs as it first appears, please see below for distribution of equipment assets!HUB USAGEToronto, Calgary, Heathrow, San Francisco, Cairns - scheduled flights with the 737 Next-Generation aircraft - in Canada and the US this can use the Westjet and SWA destinations.In addition, these hubs will also serve some longhaul between each hub using 747,767, MD11, to give a full hub and spoke system, whereby there are connecting flights between all of the hubs with longhaul aircraft and lots of shorthaul at the hubs with the 737. So you can reach one hub from another for those who want to ensure that they can fly to each hub before taking flights from there. This is realworld realistic too. The ratio is about 75% 737 shorthaul for these hubs.Manchester UK - charter flightsA full holiday charter operation with the 737, 767, MD11 and 747-400, operating holiday charters around the world. This allows for flights that you would not normally see with scheduled flights, such as the Greek Islands, Gibraltar, Caribbean etc. - Manchester is now the world's largest charter hub in the realworld. To differentiate here as there is a difference to North American ops. In Europe charter operators are whole separate airlines (or divisions of) that operate round the clock timetabled flights carrying holidaymakers to destinations around the world. They are not one-off charter rents like you see in Canada and North America. There are many airlines in Europe that only operate package holiday charter and are often owned by the same companies that own the hotels and travel agencies for the whole packaged experience. From a VA point of view this allows us to serve many challenging airports with the 737 and other aircraft that would not normally be visited except by holiday traffic.London Stansted - CargoStansted is now the world's busiest cargo hub and acts as a stepping off point for companies such as UPS, FEDEX, DHL in the real world. The suggestion here is to employ the 747 and MD11 on worldwide cargo from this base. Again, offering a whole new spectrum of flights you would not do in passenger service. Cargo crews also employ a round routing around the world so they fly from A to B to C to D to E and back to A giving multi leg journeys around the world back to home base. This is very different to the passenger return flight. Some cargo operators operate as many as 10 segments in one schedule which loops them back to the home base. This also offers so many airports you would not normally visit, everything from Kazakstan to Kuala Lumpur!Pilot PrivilegesEvery pilot on joining can fly the 737 but we do check the standard of their flying via ACARS Pireps and intervene if needed.Every pilot can, if they so choose, take an elite path and typerate on the heavies or stay with the 737. Typerating to the heavies will require answering a multichoice exam on operating that aircraft and ACARS quality validation. Please note there are shorthaul segments with cargo and passenger on multi leg flights so flying the heavies does not mean long flights unless one is chosen! Alternatively, pilots are welcome to specialise on an aircraft such as the NGX.We are basically allowing you to be as serious or as lax as you want. If you want to make it more realistic and challenging you can but you can also just have fun and fly on your own if you would like

Brad Cherrington


CYYC Based



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