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How to solve disappeared textures on model ... Cameri

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Hi to everybody smile.pngafter the pubblication (AVSim library .... http://dl.dropbox.co...acchiMB362H.WMV) of the Cameri Ita Mil scenery's updates, a simmer friend advised me of some "problems", of which I want to relate the solution on the following,wink.png if any other suffers the same:1) at the scenery opening, the video switches to a very bad definition (blurring)2) an hangar appears completely grey (no textures)1) BlurringSwitching on/off all the scenaries present the Addon Scenery, further the default ones,we discovered a scenery that generated the bug (i/e Turbigo one);then, with a deep looking on it, it was found and replaced two textures files, corrupted (*):at the restart, video OK without blurring laugh.png, problem solved(if you need theese right textures : http://dl.dropbox.co.../FS9/zinc03.bmp and http://dl.dropbox.co.../FS9/rust07.bmp )(*) if I understood correct, corrupted means that these .bmp used files have different formats (32 bit, DXT1, DXT3, etc) inside the same object: this pushes the PC to a work overload with difficulty in operation ...2) Texture DisappearanceFirst of all we needed to find the related object inside the .bgl files (i/e Cameri_v2_hangars.bgl);then we analyzed the contents (NewBglAnalyze)and disassembled it as .txt file, obtaining the "source" of the bgl scenery and all the used modelsby watching the models (ModelConverterX) we detected the hangar one into the the "source" .txt filenow we can identify the related unambigous code used, made with 32 digits (name="281b7d3043ee6075e7188a8c69c06170")then we modify the name as : "281b7d3043ee6075e7188a8c69c0FFFF", everywhere it was present (**).at last, we re-compiled the modifyied "sorce" .txt file in bgl and substitute it in the scenerythat's all: the previous grey object appears with all his textures laugh.png , problem solved(**) if I understood correct, this problem rises-up when you have inside your Addon sceneries other model that have the same unambigous code, generationg confusion to the program, that does not load any texture for it ...CREDITS: thanks to GianP, great italian supporter in VVT, for the above explanations

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