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2D Panel and landing gear

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Good day.AMAZING is what I feel with both SP1 and 600/700. At least.Congratulations PMDG team for the great job.I use two 4:3 monitors - FSX running on one and all other stuff on the second - and I'm used to 2D panel. Please!!!!! I'm not trying to restart the thread about 2D x VC.I was NEVER bothered for not having a 2D popup panel for fuel switches. A "SHIFT+A" then back with an "A" is so easy to use, after all.Now I have a very nice 2D panel for 4:3 ratio. I can clearly read all PFD and MFD information. Wow! How nice!But for the first time I miss a popup or a click spot for landing gear as with this new resize it was moved to the right, outside the screen. Now I cannot see the 'three green' unless I change to VC.If it is possible, I'd like to suggest to PMDG team to address this issue on the future SP2.Kind regardsSchmid

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