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NOTAM - Carenado Holiday Shopping

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I wanted to remind everyone that last year Carenado began a sale ~ December 15th that reduced many prices of their aircraft almost 50% off their regular price. I think I purchased 5 or 6 aircraft.It was an impressive sale for two reasons. One, their price reductions were generous and two, they included at least 80% of their fleet at that time (if my 54-year old memory isn't failing too badly). The only aircraft that weren't on sale were those that had just recently been released.IMHO, Carenado's prices have always been very reasonable. So, keep an eye open around December 15th. There is no guarantee that they will have the sale again.I don't work for nor am I associated with Carenado in any way. i'm just a loyal customer who wants to remind fellow sim pilots about a good deal that happened last year. C ya,Mark

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