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eyepoint view and Panel CFG file

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For awhile now I have been struggling with how while in the cockpit view the eyepoint level looks as if the aircraft is pitched down (as if the front gear were up). What I have been doing is lifting the eyepoint level using fs9 controls SHIFT + ENTER. Problem with this is that now it looked like the aircraft was pointing up a bit. Yesterday I decided to try and fix this using the CFG file. Going into the panel CFG and changing a line has left me with the perfect eyepoint level. I wish I had done this much earlier. If interested try doing the following:--Open panel CFG for the -800--go down to VIEWS--Change the view forward line to: VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=0.3, 0.0, 0.0If anyone has tweaked the CFG file to further enhance the cockpit view please let me know.Thanks,Chris Porter

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