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Paul J

FPS_Limiter02 & Windows 7

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I have found another reason/fix for the issues we have in getting this darned application to run. If your FPS_Limiter02 does nothing more than just flash a CMD box on the screen - go to the FPS_Limiter.exe file, rt-click on it and look down toward the bottom of the grey 'Properties' box: I had not seen this before, but I did have problems in getting it to do something more than just flash a CMD box on the screen.Below the Attributes - Read only/Hidden area I spotted another area - "Security", and in this was a message - "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer" .... If you do see it - then click on "Unblock". I had reinstalled after helping another fellow through this issue, and finding mine had stopped working - I went digging, and found this in the Properties every time I (re)installed it. Duh.

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