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B737 PMDG diverting to alternate airport and runaway stab trim

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Good morning,I write here as I have a problem with diverting PMDG 737 using FMC.I fly B738 form EPSC to EKRN to practice diverting to alternate airport (in this example origin airport- EPSC).Route for this flight: EPSC DCT GOMEX L996 GOSOT DCT EKRN. I plan to land on RWY11 using ILS, later I execute G/A and adhere to hold over FAU (Inb CRS 291, Left turns, 1 min, ALT 2000) as published.222xu.th.jpgNow I decide to divert back to EPSC, so I select RTE Page, and then I change DEST from EKRN to EPSC. Everything is ok...333yk.th.jpgI begin to insert first waypoint of my alternate route to EPSC which is: GOSOT L996 TILAV UL87 XELOL UZ491 DEMUR Z491 BEDAM444pc.th.jpgI push LSK 8R, and...555tz.th.jpgI have RTE DISCO which is still normal, but here waypoints are changing order and this is now unusual situation. All attempts to liquidate discontinuities fail. I needed to insert each waypoint on the LEGS Page (this is not appropriate technique), then I've passed to Perf Init and I've inserted new CRZ ALT FL130 (it was lower than TRIP ALT) confirmed by pushing EXEC, but I was unable to restore SPD/ALT predictions on the LEGS PAGE, FUEL Predictions na PROG Page, so VNAV wasn't workinkg.Second problem is running away stabilizer trim. When I operate it in the air or on the ground (A/P is not engaged) it escapes opposite direction. For example: I want to set trim for take off from 3 to 6 degrees I push the button and wait until I'm on 6 degrees then leave, but trim is going back to 4-5 degrees. To solve this I need to set 8-9 degrees then allow it to back to 6 degrees.I have got Windows Vista x86 (32 bit), FS9(2004), PMDG Stary B736-7 v. 1.3, B738-9 v. 1.1;Every help will be very appreciatedThanks anyway.

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For fun I tried your route. And your right, the route back to EPSC won't go into the Route page with out a lot of weird stuff happening.I did notice on your first leg to EKRN, the course from GOSOT to the ILS 11 IAF, OPMET causes a severe zig zag. YOu need to be careful with this because it's not practical in real world flying. In real world flying, ATC would have vectored you to a square pattern to intercept the ILS11 course. If you want to intercept on a leg course, I suggest making a waypoint such as OPMET200/7 to square off the intercept for the ILS 11.A possible reason for the FMC Route page not making sense of your divert flight plan is that once again you have planned severe zig zag courses (180 degree changes) into the legs. In other words it appears your trying to program too much route into the FMC when you don't need it. Only insert waypoints and airways that are practical and make sense. On the divert flight plan, only insert legs and/or airways that take you to the appraoch IAF. If the appraoch is on the same heading as the arrival, don't fly to or past the airport and then do a 180 back to the IAF and then another 180 turn to the ILS. Make sense?I have no idea why your stab trim is running way. Maybe the trim sensitivity settings on your controller are set too sensitive. John Floyd

John Floyd

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