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  1. Note sure if this was mentioned,,,,,,1964, "Fate is the Hunter", Glenn Ford. Great movie!
  2. I would have to say x-plane 10, IXEG's 737CL and PMDG's DC-6. I fly more x-plane now than FSX.
  3. I have an 8700 too and installed a 960 in it and It would not boot up at first. It's been a while, but I remember it was a simple fix like a BIOS update from Dell.
  4. I agree with your post. I've been a long time FXS user. I picked up XP 6 months ago and have been very impressed with some of the lighting effects and emersion factor. I also like the freeware airports that look amazing and add to the emersion. The add-on aircraft fly very well and realistic in XP and I'm very happy with the Saab, Carenado, JAR330, and FFB767. XP is relatively easy on the wallet too for what you get. Now I probably go to XP 3 out of 4 SIM events. There are room for improvements to be made in XP, but for now XP continues to draw me in .........
  5. Ok Kyle, Done. Operations Center says I have Version 1.10.6461 and the NGX is running really good. I do like the livery downloader too... thanks.
  6. Rich and Kyle, thanks and very helpful. That old saying applies here, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it'...... I think I'll skip the update again for now....
  7. Ok. I'll keep that in mind, still using FSX.
  8. Thanks Rich. I'm rather happy with my current install but thought I'd give the update another consideration by reviewing the changes. I actually remember a lengthy list. Anybody?
  9. I haven't' updated my NGX yet. I was planning to do that this weekend but would like to review what the NGX update changes. I've searched the forum but can't find this list. Could someone provide a link or the actual list of changes? Thanks,
  10. Justflight 737 Professional. I should have done my homework better before I purchased this crap. The overhead panel is not accurate, especially the electrical panel. The flight model is terrible and the engines produce waaaay toooo much thrust. The airplane is like a space shuttle. The VC is hard to see for some reason in my opinion and the night lighting looks like crap too. Being a retired 737 pilot with over 10,000 hours of flight time in a real 737-200, I should know a few things, okay. I usually don't have buyers remorse, but I am having it with this purchase! I eventually downloaded the Tinmouse 737-200 even though its only 2-D, but I absolutely love this one. The Ariane 737NG (original) was a disappointment, primarily because it was buggy and the Vnav was crap and the product support was not there.
  11. I've been using the PMDG 737NG since it first came out so I know it pretty well, I thought and I think it's a great MSFS product.Today I found an error with a dual-autopilot go-around. On a CAT IIIA approach at minimums, I executed a MAP by pushing the TO/GA button twice, twice to get a full thrust go-around. I noticed that the B autopilot disengaged, the A remained on, and there was no autopilot ROLL controll of the airplane with A on. The go-around should have been flown with duel-autopilots up to MCP altitude where B autopilot would disengage.I did another CAT IIIA, except this time I pushed the TO/GA button once and the go-around was flown correctly as a duel-autopilot go-around.Searching, I could not find any disscussion of this error. Is this a know problem?Thanks,John Floyd
  12. For CAT I approach, Desision Altitude (DA) is referenced to MSL height and determined by the BARO altimter, refer to the approach plate. The 737NG is certifided for CAT II/IIIA approaches using Decision Height (DH). Set the desision height using the RADIO MINS selector on the EFIS control panel. All CAT IIIa approaches must use autoland in normal ops. CAT II is not an autoland.For CAT II (DH), set approach plate minimums or 100' (which ever is higher) RAIDO MINS. For CAT IIIA (DH), always set 50' RADIO MINS.Good luck,John Floyd
  13. You should be able to just change or add a Speed Restriction just like you can in a real NG's FMC. The 744 I'm not sure but probley is the same as the NG's.BTW, All speed retrictions are considered by the FMC as at or below restriction.Good luck,John Floyd
  14. I was wondering if you use the MSFS acceleration 2X, or more at TOD and descent? This feature will cause IAS to increase. Don
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