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Hello Pilots !

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Hello Pilots !After not much deliberation, seeing that my VNOAA VA is on somewhat of a hold status (!) mostly due to training missions in tact, I decided to beef up the training missions for VNOAA's future (possible) VSOA status, and in doing so decided to create a Virtual Navy Wing.Since both units require Virtual Naval Aviator Flight Training, it seemed as an option to create this Virtual Navy Wing as the parent owner of the Naval Aviator Training (Corps) as I call it. The reason it is a 'Corps' is that is made up of pilots across possible VSOA platform members, as well as the flight training locations not being limited to one Naval Air Station, and I need commanders across the board; thus the VNATC or Virtual Naval Aviator Training Corps was borne.Being that VNOAA may not be realized for awhile, CVW9 as the parent owner of VNATC will then be created as a potential VSOA on Vatsim, and provide the 'corps' instructor pilots for VNATC.CVW9, or Carrier Wing 9 has several squadrons.I am looking for liason between all virtual VSOAs on Vatsim to work as teams for training and competition. All of our flights will be on Vatsim; we do not use private servers.Our website is totally new and has the pilot/staff member entry point. Please visit:http://vncvw9.webs.com/To sign up !Space will be limited and command staff is on a get there first basis; HOWEVER (!) please note that I will be inviting Vatsim pilots for command staff positions first; after the invitations are out and any staff positions filled, I will open up the staff positions left over to the Vatsim public.New pilots may still join and vye for top (and 'TOPGUN' (!)) positions; command positions are based on prior training on Vatsim; see the website.The forum will have a location to enter pilot info if needed; I need Vatsim IDs in there to verify hours. I also need to verify VSOA training if anyone has it.TOPGUN pilots are selected from the CVW9 F18 pool to fill command slots in the F18 'TOPGUN' squad, then from there one other particular squad not mentioned here (!); it will be awesome!The only thing is, this isnt happening overnight ! The VNATC Virtual Naval Aviator flight training may last at least a month or more; everyone goes through it - even me and I am doing most fo the grunt work!For me personally I dont do the dogfighting portion much (!); I doubt I will ever be a TOPGUN; that is not my goal. One of my goals is to get a pool of Virtual Naval Aviator pilots qualified on Vatsim that I can fill the VNOAA slots with. Also it is possible that the training will fulfill Vatsim Pilot Standard qualification rules; most of that training can be found on the Vatsim PRC site; probly the best place to start for people entering CVW9 or any VSOA for that matter.So Good Luck Future CVW9 Pilots !ADM "Hawkeyez" Gray (Oh ya I took a little promotion too haha!)

Keep The Shiny Side Up And The Greasy Side Down !



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