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Reproducable CTD when using FMC too much

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Hi,Today I encoutered a (small) problem. Normally, I am NEVER having any CTDs at all. I've done tens of flights already. Maybe 2 or 3 of them were with a CTD, but that was all my own fault. Loading a livery over another one, using ENB Series, etc. But today, I encountered a very rare CTD, which was reproducable. Here's the story:I was doing a flight from EHRD to LOWI. online on IVAO. I did the normal startup procedures, programming the WOODY1B departure, and the ELMEM1A arrival. I got clearence, taxied to the runway, and took off without any problems. Once I was at T/D, I saved my flight (as I usually do, just in case something goes wrong). After T/D, I had to programm a LOT of stuff in the FMC. Filling out the FORECAST page with winds aloft data, airport tempature and QNH, transition altitude, etc. Then I had to programm my approach. I did exactly like on my chart. I programmed a holding pattern at the KTI NDB in the HOLD page, with all needed information. Then I programmed some custom waypoints, to make navigation easier. Like OEJ247/20.4 (which would be named OEJ01 in the FMC). Then put the required VORs and NDB's in the FIX page. Like AB, INN, OEJ and OEV, with it's radial and range rings if required. After I done this I made another custom waypoint, OEV079/2.4 (OEV01), just when I pasted it into the legs page, FSX crashed.Faultmodule: PMDG_737NGX_3.dllI reloaded the saved flight, and again, after playing a LOT with the HOLD page, FIX page, and making a lot of custom waypoints, it crashed again. Normally I'm never having CTDs whatsoever so it seems, when you are programming a lot of custom waypoints, a lot of holding patterns, a lot of FIX waypoints with radials and range rings, that then FSX crashes. Hopefully they can look into this. :)Thanks!

Arjen Vandervelde

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