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PFD Popup Doesn't Show in "Pop Up"

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I have the Ernie Alston's ISG1 installed and I am trying to modify an existing B757 panel I have to use with it. I have the ISG1 B777 PFD and 737 ND installed in the 2d panel. The panel I'm using is very complex but difficult to read. There is a "Popup" hotspot in the center of the PFD and ND, but when I click it I get the larger "popup" window, but they are blank (and so is the 2d PFD/ND as soon as I click the hotspot). I tried this with "WN" as the 5th parameter, without, with "Popup", without. Funny thing is, I have the Smith's FMS in brown also placed on the 2d panel next to the throttle and when I click the center of the FMS' screen the FMS opens as a popup. I can see no difference between the two window parameters, yet one pops up and the others don't. I do have the FMS-2 Open button installed on the panel (an icon which will also open the FMS window), but I don't even have to click it, just click in the center of the Smith's gauge on the panel.Any ideas why the PFD or ND don't display in the black popup?Here are applicable excerpts from my Panel.cfgQuote:// This Panel.cfg file created by FS Panel Studio panel editor utility - http://www.fspanelstudio.com// Built Wednesday, December 28, 2011 at 16:19 FSPS Build:22767 [Window Titles]Window00=Main_PanelWindow01=FUEL PANELWindow02=OVERHEADWindow03=RADIOSWindow04=GPS_PANELWindow05=THROTTLESWindow06=ISG1 HW_EFIS_CTRLWindow07=ISG1 MCUWindow08=ISG SMITHS FMSWindow09=NDWindow10=PFD.......gauge73=747RT.Stallwarning, 569,613,78,56gauge74=74SP_altalert, 352,486,38,23gauge75=isg1!B777_PFD_NB, 155,492,133,108,Boeing 757gauge76=isg1!HW_B737_ND_NB, 153,638,147,149gauge77=AChS-1!AChS1_master, 336,703,90,83gauge78=isg1!VNAV, 635,353,27,26gauge79=isg1!LNAV, 634,325,29,27gauge80=FSC.ATR.ap!crs_knob, 1115,359,40,39gauge81=ML-Bae146FS2K2!AP_NAV_Select, 1101,334,76,31gauge82=732nc_WCnav11, 423,343,45,18gauge83=700RMI, 1138,639,70,89gauge84=74SP_altalert, 1160,482,38,23gauge85=isg1!FMS2_OPEN, 98,757,35,42gauge86=isg1!MCU_OPEN, 27,757,35,42gauge87=isg1!EFIS_CTRL_OPEN, 62,757,35,42gauge88=ISG1_TCAS!Logic, 1,1,1,1gauge89=757-767_Oil, 1250,646,67,133gauge90=RP_1_EGT111, 1257,531,72,73gauge91=RP_1_N1, 1260,475,73,64gauge92=isg1!SMITHS_FMS_BR, 499,782,173,313..................[Window08]Background_color=0,0,0size_mm=197,271window_size_ratio=1.000position=7visible=0ident=4012window_size= 0.370, 0.710window_pos= 0.600, 0.280gauge00=isg1!SMITHS_FMS_BR, 0,0,197,271//--------------------------------------------------------[Window09]Background_color=0,0,0size_mm=312,271window_size_ratio=1.000position=4visible=0ident=4011window_size= 0.309, 0.304window_pos= 0.004, 0.423gauge00=isg1!HW_B737_ND_NB, 0,0,311,271, popup..........Note the window entry for the PFD is identical to the ND above, except the Ident=4023. I have verified that the ident numbers are valid and as explained I have tried it with and without "Popup" and "WN" (which identifies the gauge as a popup and blanks out the 2d gauge while the PopUp gauge is being displayed to save on frame hits).Posted this over on Ernie's forums as well, but since they may not be familiar with FSPanel Studio and readers here may not be familiar with ISG1 I thought I would hit both forums with this question.I'm using FSPanel Studio (kinda obvious from the header above the WindowXX list, but I thought I'd mention it just in case).Randy

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Got it fixed over at the ISG1 Forums. The one thing I didn't try was the fixgauge00=isg1!HW_B737_ND_NB, 0,0,311,271, WNI was putting the "WN" as the fifth parameter in the Window00 gauge line. It should have been the 5th entry in the Window09 gauge line. Angel.gif

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