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News from Hellenic Airways Group

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Hellenic Airways Group is proud to announce that we have just reached our first goal of 1000 flight hours after ~8 months of operation. We are continuously growing to a nice FS community.

To celebrate this achievement we will have an event at LGAV in June and want to invite all of you to join us. I will post more information on this as soon as everything is fixed.


Ok now there were some changes since my last post here. First of all we are currently implementing our summer schedules for 2012. During the summer months the frequency of flights from/to Athens LGAV will be reduced and we will have more aicraft based on the islands as holiday destinations.

Also our WetLease operations programm has duly arrived at our members and therefore we will add a 5th operator to our wet lease operations soon.

We now offer the possibility to book charter flights to our captains and senioer captains where you can decide from where to where you fly in whatever aircraft you like.

Our brand new hellenic airways AES vehicle livery pack is going to arrive within the next week. MTL model liveries for the online networks will follow next and also a hellenic airways AI traffic packages is in the planning stage.


Also we again made many changes and improvements to our website that are too many to mention here. It will be best if you take a look for yourselves at http://hellenicair.co.nr/


We will be happy to welcome many of you as new members of our Hellenic Airways Flight Crew and even some management positions are currently available for interested and reliable people.


I`m looking forward to hearing from you.


kind regards


CEO Hellenic Airways Group


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Hi guys, another month has passed since my last news update and again we have some news to tell you about.


First of all i want to introduce to you Mr. Brian Collins as new Management Assistant for Hellenic Airways Group and Mr. Daniel Sloan as Manager for our wet lease flight operations. We are happy to have both of them in our Staff and we are looking forward to a good cooperation.


During the last month two new wet lease operators have signed contracts with hellenic airways group. EVA Air which brought the B777 and B747 into our fleet and Brussels Airlines added the Avro Regional Jet. We are currently conducting negotiations about further leasing agreements with US Airways and Tunisair.


We also had several changes to our website during the last days. Some design changes on the frontpage you`ll have already seen for sure. In addition to them we have completely redesigned the staff and vacancies pages. A new statistics pages has been added under the pilot center tab. A NOTAMs page for greece has been added under the Informations tab and the airport NOTAM`s for the respective airports have been added directly into the pilot flight briefing and also the airport information pages. Other minor changes were made to several other pages aswell.


Finally in the last week we have opened our own "Hellenic Airways Company Channel" Teamspeak 3 Server. We there offer channels for free fun chat, event communication, operational channels and the management and staff rooms where you can ask a staff member directly if you need anything. Our members can find the login information inside our General Discussion Forum.

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