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WestWind Airlines Announces New Regional Airline

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WestWind is pleased to announce that we are planning the launch of another regional airline.






WestWind Caribe came about as a direct result of discussion in the forum suggesting that it has high interest among the pilots at WestWind. It will feature feeder routes from the Caribbean into WestWind Airlines much like WestWind Alaska. Our best guess is that It will take us about six months to make this happen. Please be patient with us. It will require a lot of behind the scenes work. In the meantime, we have taken the first necessary steps to get us underway.


Rob Wilkinson has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Regional Airlines. The concept of an EVP for all regional airlines was planned over a year ago at the time we were considering how to launch WestWind Alaska. We recognized that if WW Alaska was successful, it would open the door for other regional airlines. This promotion for Rob is the fulfillment of that vision. Brian Bancroft has accepted the position of Vice President of WestWind Caribe reporting to Rob. Brian will be responsible for running WW Caribe. Congratulations Rob and Brian on your new roles. We look forward to seeing these new ventures develop and mature under your leadership.


WestWind Virtual Airlines is an international online organization dedicated to promoting aviation through simulation. WestWind was founded in 1996 by four intrepid men who were tired of the boring everyday virtual airlines that had no passion for aviation or for caring about their pilots. WestWind was designed to fill the gaps in other virtual airlines and to bring virtual flight closer to the feel of a real airline pilot. It offers real world pilots the opportunity to inexpensively maintain their piloting skills and provides people who are interested in aviation a chance to learn the skills that are required to pursue a career in aviation. Being one of the oldest and largest virtual airlines in existence, WestWind has members all over the world with management concentrations in The United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Currently, we have over 350 active pilots worldwide.


What add-ons do we offer? We have more than 120 variations of aircraft in our hangar and we offer many repaints of payware aircraft. We also offer scenery for our hub airports and a few others around the world. WestWind supports pilots who fly both FS2004 and FSX and multiplayer, VATSIM, IVAO or offline flight. We provide the flexibility to fly passenger flights, cargo hauls or executive charters anywhere on the planet. Ever dream of being a bush pilot? WestWind pilots also have the option to fly for our Alaska Regional Airline and soon, our new regional airline, WestWind Caribe. Want off airport, low visibility and high crosswinds? Alaska Regional is bush flying at its best.


Each of our worldwide hubs offers hundreds of routes and most are real world flights. WestWind is also into creating events that any pilot can participate in. If you fly online, often there are weekly fly-ins put on by our Online Operations Team. Some of our other events are: Christmas in Tahiti, Operation EastWind, we support GAAR (Great Australian Air Rally) and more!


How does a WestWind pilot do all this? WestWind has a top tier training facility located at Denver International Airport. Pilots go through transition training as they advance through each progressive category. Pilots also have the option of doing advanced training (including emergency procedures) either offline or online with any of our well qualified trainers. WestWind is also an Authorized Training Organization with VATSIM, so you can get your VATSIM training through WestWind Airlines and know that we are as good as it gets. For more information or to apply, see our web site at http://www.flywestwind.com

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