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under dog or is it xfx double d 7950

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I'm a Nvidia nut and was going to get a 680 and of course there were none. So after the 670 came out I saw all these revues of the 680, 670, against a 7970 @ 1000mhs and the 7950 was crap in the revues.

I saw if you run a 7970 clock cycle per cycle against a 680 the 7970 kicked &@($*. For that to work if you can run a 680 @ 1250 mhz core clock you must run a 7970 @ ~ 1225-1240 mhz. So any way the

7950 was crap. So I had to have one to play with. First of all there set at a low 800 mhz and run against a 680,670 and 7970 all set @ 925 - 1000 mhz.


So I picked up a xfx double d black edition FX-7950 3gb, 384 bit, express 3.0*16, 900 mhz factory clock and it has a ghost thermal hydrocell cooler @ $40. extra. I know there all over priced. AND I did

this all to se how it would work on MS Flight! It won't work at all on FSX. HA HA! :Thinking:


ALso it has 2 oz copper pcb, solid caps, ferrite iron core chokes (for starting it up when its cold), certified dust free fans * 2, and other quality performance enhancing conponents. I found it a steal @

$2,150. :Hypnotized: Would you believe $440. and not a steal!


So running on a I7 870 @ 2.93 ghz, 8 gigs of 1600 ram. no OC....Dell 24 in. 1920 * 1080 @ 60hz.

I OCed the 7950 to gpu clock 1050 mhz, memory clock 1490 mhz ( did not need to up voltage runs fine). With MSFlight system Idles @ 106 watts and under load, flying flight hard 255 watts.( watts are of full system).


I forgot temp. @ idle 32c and @ load in flight 62c and fans @ 20%.


Settings all @ there highest in flight, using among the giants at dusk on Hawaii with 18 kts wind I had 20 to 58 fps.

Settings all @ there highest in flight using among the giants at day on Hawaii with 18 kts winds I had 22 to 62 fps .


And this I don't understand doing a canyon run ~north to south.

Going north I had 58 fps.

Going south I had 28 fps.

I figured a canyon run would be in the low 20es north or south.

Also my fans on the gpu have been running @ 20%. that I can't believe.


Also running gpu in pci express 2.0 * 16. The word from AMD if you run in pci express 3.0 you get a 10% increase in speed.

Hope this helps some people. :Nerd:


I would like to know what people are getting with a 7 to 8 % power increase to a 7950.

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I don't want to be misunderstood and start a war this card will work and should be good on FSX. But to run fsx I would need my I5 3750k & mobo O.C. to 4.2 ghz. or more.

Also on flight @ 1920 * 1080 i'm using ~1.44 gigs ddr5 memory. the higher you go in res.. the more memory you need.

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I can't find a way to update my first post. so I'll just put it here.

I retested using GPU-Z 0.6.2

temp was~ 56c under load

fan speed was 34% under load

memory usage dedicated 869 megs ( I find this way to low @ 1920 * 1080)

GPU load was mostly in the 45% range with a fast peek to 59% and then it would go down to 35%. ( got me!)

FPS stayed the same as first post..

used among the giants @ dusk

If GPU-Z is right this card has a lot of head room.


Is there a better frame counter then fraps

this card runs flight too smooth to be under 30 fps low side.

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