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Help with a freeware project

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Would any of you like to assist with an FS Freeware project? Specifically, I’m looking for a couple of people to record about a 100 wave files


The program is called Flight Simulator First Officer (FSFO). As the name implies, it’s designed to act as Virtual Copilot to assist with multiple task involved with flying a modern aircraft. Think of it as a combination of Wilco’s “Call for…” and Flight Deck Companion (FDC)/FDC 2011. However, there’s a noticeable exception, it’s free. Specifically, using programs like FS2CREW have made it difficult to fly without a virtual copilot. However, I still enjoy the occasional trip in one of my freeware aircraft; although I wrote this to use with QW757. To fill the void, I decided to create my own generic Copilot.


If you're interested, please check this link out:



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