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Ice landing!

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Yes, yes, glaciers, ho hum! No, just kidding, haven't gotten around to trying to land on glaciers, yet. Just give me time! Big%20Grin.gif


But, as I was flying from the southernmost point of the scenery (think I'll hit every airport on the way up to the North Slope Just%20Kidding.gif ), all those ice floes got me wondering what would happen if I ran out of fuel. Could I land on them?


This is really STOL, and the Mixed Weather Theme with 30 kt. winds is just more fun.










There was never any doubt that I could land on such a short distance with this airplane. But, no time to dally ... that headwind is blowing me backwards towards the edge of the floe. :LMAO: So, the question now is - can I take off again?








Well, now I know. In case of need, and if there is no airport in sight, just pick the closest ice floe. Big%20Grin.gif


Best regards.


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