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Legend Air Now Hiring Operational Managers

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Legend Air now hiring Operational Managers for Western, Eastern, and Caribbean Regions. 


Legend Air is now accepting applications for Western, Eastern, and Caribbean Operations Managers. Here are the minimum requirements for these positions: 


• Must have adequate knowledge of VA Management. 

• Must be able to provide 1-2 hours a day to manage PIREPs, moderate registrations, and answer emails. 

• Must maintain an active status as a pilot, flying 4 flights a month instead of 2. 

• Must be a good leader, and team player. 

• Must be able to make decisions, and communicate those decisions effectively and friendly with pilots and other staff members. 



• Legend Air email address (j.smith@legend-virtual.org)

• Automatic Promotion to HFO - Heavy First Officer. 

• Ability to vote on airline related materials, and work with COO to shape their region (routes, focus cities, etc) 


These positions are the highest under the executive staff, and the applicants must show the greatest dedication and leadership to fill these positions efficiently. If you are interested in applying or would like more information, please email me at t.hollins[at]legend-virtual.org. 


Thank you for your time. 


Legend Air Virtual - www.legend-virtual.org

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