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A hardware question

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Hello all,


I am curious about the machines you all run the NGX on - and the addons you use. It would appear many use Sandybridge CPU's but I was curious as to how you're all running the SIm. Also what settings in terms of traffic and airport density? - And the actual hardware in terms of controlling the aircraft?


I myself use the following


core i5 760 @ 3.4ghz

4gb DDR 3 ram at 1333mhz

GTX 560ti

7200RPM Seagate drive

X52 Pro Flight stick


FSX + Acceleration, UTX, GEX, REX Essential, and of course the NGX. Traffic off for a constant 28+fps.


This gives me a smooth experience. I'd like to add traffic but, ultimately, it's about the flight and aircraft for me and the traffic can be a bit annoying. Though I will try Vatsim at some point.

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There is a dedicated FSX hardware forum(s) for these type of questions. http://forum.avsim.n...ms-discussions/


I think there is a effort to keep PMDG forums a little more on topic nowadays.


I just made me-self a similar set-up to the OP. I think your experience is pretty typical for those outside the uber-overclockers/hardware afficianados.

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