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rudder not moving when throttles idle J41

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Hello J41-captains out there:-),

first of all a great THANK YOU to PMDG for creating this beautiful and detailed aircraft for FSX! It's great to notice how limitations within the FSX-engine are not a reason to keep the company away from developing realistic products for FSX!!!

I just have a little question and I know that this topic has been referred to in older posts, but I didn't get a clear answer so far:

Is it normal that the rudder does only move when at least a little bit of throttle is applied? When the aircraft is cold and dark all of the flight controls work, but only the rudder is kept in the middle position. It is not a matter of the yaw damper or the locks, because I tried setting everything "on" and "off" and the issue still remains. And it is not a problem of axis assignment, because the rudder works great when taxiing, flying, in fact: when simply applying just a little bit of thrust. I can even set parking brakes, move the throttles to idle, move the rudder and nothing happens, but when applying a little bit of thrust after starting up the beautiful engines:-) the rudder starts moving.

Are you encountering this issue, too? And is that a realistic feature or simply one of those FSX-limitations? I got the MD11, the NGX and now the J41 for FSX and in the past I found out that several issues turned out to be just examples for how realistic the PMDG-products actually are...

Kind regards from Germany,


Christian Baldauf

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