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  1. Hello everybody, I have a short question since I deactivated dynamic lighting in P3D (4.3) due to performance issues: Will it be necessary to activate it again to also see PBR effects in 4.4 or are these features independent from each other? Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany, Chris
  2. OK, maybe it will be fixed with a future update...
  3. Hello JMLucia, did you already get any answer from support? I'm getting the same issue! Greetings, Chris
  4. Hello, I've got the same problem: My VC is extremly dark now and even after reinstalling the P3D Client and uninstalling PTA the cockpit remains dark. There must be some settings that were changed by the Thopat preset that have not to do with the shaders folder. Maybe ORBX settings?? Any help would be great! Greetings, Chris
  5. Hello Michael, regarding the EDDF issue: Try deleting the arpt_rwy.dat file in "<sim root folder>\PMDG\NAVDATA". The file is rebuilt when starting your simulator. Kind regards, Christian
  6. Hello Keith, did you manage to solve the folder issue? I've got the same problem and it would be great to know if you got an answer from HIFI. Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany, Chris
  7. Well, I also understood that it is just an optical thing in the start up screen - no systems issue or simulation problem after actually starting a flight. That's why I just left "DisablePreload=1" in the .cfg-file. I hope I got this right.
  8. Hello denthibbe, I just did the flight (KDFW-VHHH) out of 17C via LOWGN7 SID and I had no issues at all. I currently fly with cycle 1604 and the respective SID contains the following text: "SID LOWGN7 RNW 17C HDG 176 INTERCEPT RADIAL 157 TO FIX NAVYE FIX NAVYE FIX JGIRL AT OR ABOVE 5000 SPEED 240 FIX CORTS FIX BIGGD FIX CMORE FIX LOWGN" I use FSUIPC to monitor VAS (remaining amount) and I was able to fly with a steady value of 1,2 to 1,3 GB remaining during cruise until TOD (more than 12 hours of flight). Just a little feedback - until now I've never encountered a SID-leak. Kind regards, Chris
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