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  1. Hi I just attempted to purchase the new "Greek islands" training program and chose the Greek Islands option on the appropriate page, which showed the programs I had already purchased. When the payment went through Paypal, it showed on their email as Amsterdam. As I had already bought Amsterdam some time ago, it was impossible to chose that option anyway. So something is screwed up on your website. I have now paid $11.99 for the Greek Islands but it is obviously not showing it as Purchased as somehow it thinks I was buying Amsterdam. Could you please advise how this can be sorted. Keith
  2. Hi Niklas Thanks for your reply. I have had chance to check a few more aircraft since my first post, and I have found a number of them which work OK, and others do not. I guess it just depends if the developer either decided to implement the features (or not) with his own code, or let the internal P3D code do the job.
  3. Hi Having just re-installed Windows 10 and moved over to a clean install of P3D v4.4, I was setting up commands on my PMDG aircraft (B737, B777 and B747) and realised that the "rudder trim center" and "aileron trim center" keys I had defined do not seem to work on any of these aircraft. These commands do seem to be functional on, for example, the P3D Lockheed C69A, so I know that they do work on some other aircraft. Are these commands just not implemented on the PMDG aircraft, or is there a problem with my installation? Regards Keith
  4. Hi I have just purchased the Falcon 50 from SimMarket and seem to have two possible zip files: one shown as v1.3, the other v1.4. Can anyone explain the difference as I can see no reference to an update to v1.4 on the Flysimware website. I am currently using P3D v4.3, so which version of the aircraft is more suitable? Thanks Keith
  5. Thank you Kyle for your reply. In a sense, yes, I was looking to see if what I was seeing was a genuine bug, or something peculiar to my setup. Verification by others would give me ample justification for reporting it as a genuine bug. I did not want to waste the developers time by making it "official" at the outset, but in view of what you have said, I'll get in touch with official support. Regards Keith
  6. I do not know if anyone has mentioned this, but if using kg in the FMC and EFB, the WT & BALANCE value in the EFB for FUEL DENSITY (which should be in kg/l, shows up as 6.699 (i.e the lbs/gal US figure) when it should be 0.803. Using the "Read from Aircraft" button does however insert the correct value. Nevertheless for the sake of correctness, it would be nice to have this value set initially as 0.803, as at present it causes the fuel in each tank to show ridiculously high maximum figures until the button is pressed. Regards Keith
  7. I had a similar problem this morning but a support ticket got a reply from PMDG. Apparently Navigraph did an update at their end which caused the EFB not to connect. They were made aware of this and have now fixed it. If you load the aircraft up and try again, you should find no fault message and the database recognises your airports when you do a search. My thanks to Chris Makris at PMDG customer and product support for a quick reply to my ticket and to Navigraph for a quick fix. Regards Keith
  8. Hi Dan Thanks for the reply. After checking again this morning, I realise that the 700NGX liveries are also missing, though the 700NGX WL versions are there. I have opened a support ticket as you suggest , and sent the log.
  9. Hi Yesterday I updated all my PMDG aircraft including the Operations Centre using the usual Operations Centre updating procedures. I got an error window when updating the P3D v3 version of the B737 NGX. Suspecting a problem, I decided to uninstall the aircraft from P3D (via the Control Panel), but also manually clean out all the other files for the P3D v3 of the aircraft. As I also have the P3D v4.0 version of the B737 as well, this also uninstalled that aircraft at the same time, though I did not manually clean any files from this version. Anyway, I downloaded the latest versions of B737 (both base pack 800/90 and 600/700) from the PMDG website, and re-installed (which installs in both P3D simulators simulataneously). Although the aircraft itself seems OK in both versions of P3D, I now cannot see any B737-600 liveries in the P3D v4 version. When I look in the livery downloader section of the OC for this version, no -600 liveries are available for download. These do, however, appear as available in the OC downloader section for the P3D v3 version of the aircraft, which I shall obviously have to re-download, having cleared out all references to liveries with my clean up procedure! When I look in the P3D v4 Simobjects folder, there is a folder for the -600 and it contains several texture files for different liveries, but I assume these are left over from the previous installation. More to the point, why is the OC not showing -600 liveries as available for download as I thought this was a function of what was available from PMDG and should be visible if the 600/700 is installed. The -700 liveries do show up in the aircraft menu, and in the downloader. Did the original updating of the Operations Centre cause this problem, and if so how do I get my -600 liveries back in operation?
  10. Hi Scott Thanks for the reply. I am at least happy to know it is not something wrong with my particular setup. I'll just have to remember to operate a switch prior to doing anything with an aircraft. It might be embarassing to lose power or displays if you have just taken off on Vatsim! Regards Keith
  11. Hi I have noticed with several aircraft that after loading the aircraft and then loading Linda, the first press of a button or switch on the TT panel seems to do a spurious action. This happens even when there is no action defined for that button, and if there is an action defined in Linda, it does not do that action. For example, with the PMDG B737, with engines running and ready to fly, pressing a button on the panel switches a sequence of actions on the overhead panel including switching off fuel pumps and emergency lights and blanking the screens. The engines continue to run. The button used in my test was defined to switch on VNAV, but I have used other buttons and switches with the same result. After that first press, any further button/switch presses seem to do their correct actions. With the Just Flight PA28R, for example, this first press stops the engine and switches the alternator off. Start the engine and subsequent button presses again work correctly. I have not tested every single aircraft, but the TFDi design B717 also exhibits similar weird behaviour in this way. It seems as if there is some buffer being flushed with the first button press sending rubbish to the aircraft causing a variety of weird actions depending on which aircraft is loaded. It only seems to happen with the TT panel. Buttons on the CH Yoke, Microsoft Sidewinder joystick and CH throttle quadrant are OK. Details of setup are: P3D v4.0 Linda 3.0.3 Module for the aircraft described or Default version (Just Flight PA28R). FSUIPC 5.113. Incidentally, I checked all places where TT panel buttons/switches could be alternatively defined i.e P3D native controls and FSUIPC and none of them contain commands for the TT panel. The problem only occurs if I load Linda!, and it happens whether I load Linda before or after the simulator. Regards Keith
  12. Hi Andrew Thanks for your reply. I guessed there might be a bug somewhere in the current version as previous versions have worked so perfectly for me. I look forward to the fix. Keep up the good work. Regards Keith
  13. Hi Further to my first post above, I have just cleared out Linda from the Modules folder, and re-installed. Again, the same issue shows up. It does not matter which aircraft are loaded, Although the chosen button action shows in red for that button slot, as soon as 'Save' is clicked, the Linda module reloads, the Linda window is refreshed, and that button definition has disappeared rather than changing to green. I have tested all such H1:x type buttons and they all fail in this way, yet I can define actions using them via FSUIPC direct or directly in the P3D v4 native Controls section, without any problems. Is the latest version of Linda blocking these types of switches from being defined? They certainly worked OK with FSX-SE and P3Dv3 in earlier Linda versions. By the way, all other non H1:x buttons are defined correctly and saved as expected! Keith
  14. Hi I am trying to define button presses on the VRInsight TT panel for those buttons recognized as part of the Hat Switch H1:1 to H1:8. Unfortunately when I define the action and click save, the action is not saved and the H1:x slot in question remains blank. I checked similar hat switch type buttons on my Yoke and joystick, and none of this type of button definition is saved for these either. I am running P3D v4.0.28.21686, FSUIPC 5.113, and Linda The controls work fine in my FSX-SE setup, and register correctly in the appropriate Linda slot when pressed, they are just not saved! Any ideas? Keith
  15. Hi If I have defined switch and button definitions for an aircraft, e.g PMDG B737 in P3D v3 (or FSX-SE), which files/folders do I need to move to the Linda setup in P3D v4 so I do not have to manually define each action again in the new simulator. Thanks Keith
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