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CFG Issues PMDG MD-11

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Hello All,


I encountered some hard disk corruption with my FSX installation which necessitated a re-nstallation of both FSX and the MD-11 software. I have gone as far as editing the registry and deleting all fragments related to both FSX and PMDG software following the normal uninstall process. But several issues linger.

  • If I choose the MD-11 as the default aircraft at startup, all segments of the 2D image open as "locked", This this is easily cleared by right clicking and deselecting the "lock" option. Even after doing so and re-saving the default scenario with the screen segments properly positioned, the issue persists on startup. With the MD-11 selected as the default aircraft, the simulation always opens off-screen and must be manually retrieved.
  • About 75% of the time the PMDG Sound function in the and-ons menu is not displayed, however, the PMDG configuration menu is always displayed.
  • The "normal" and "widescreen" functions in the Load Manager program are grayed out. I can force the program into widescreen by editing the appropriate CFG file. Load Manager displays a grayed-out "normal". or "widescreen" depending on how I have edited the file. Flight Simulator now operates in the widescreen mode for not only the MD-11, but for all aircraft.
  • Finally, I am unable to install liveries either from the option on the CD or from a downloaded file from the website. The procedure seems to complete normally but there are no changes to the aircraft.CFG file in either the passenger or freight folders. Only the four default aircraft are installed. And yes, display all variants is selected.

My sense is that there is an issue in some area of configuration I have missed. Inasmuch as I am seeing the same result, or a lack of results in both the MD-11 and MD-11F aircraft.cfg files, I must be missing something else. I have even modified the security rights for both folders giving full access to myself (I already have full administrative rights) and to trusted software installers. I have started fresh three times and am at a loss.


If anyone has any ideas I welcome them. It may be a while before I have an opportunity to experiment as I am scheduled for surgery in about a week and may be out of commission for three or four weeks. It may be difficult for me to check back in the forum so you're welcome to send an e-mail to Robert - AT - Sudock dot com.


My thanks to everyone and safe landings to all.

Robert Sudock

2NM north of KLGB,

Factory home of

C-17, DC-8, 9, 10,

MD-11, 80, 90, 717

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As for MD-11 or any addon aircraft as a default aircraft have given me so many problems it isn't funny.

Because of this, the sim ALWAYS starts with the default Cessna 172 at the airport of my choice, and I chose the appropiate aircraft from that.

Not the solution you are looking for, but the way PMDG interacts with FSX and the shoddy job Microsoft usually does, means that issues like these are unavoidable.


For your livery and perhaps the other issues, you may have fallen for another "Microsoft trap" during reinstall, if you have it in the Program Files directory on your C drive, you are screwed essentially.

The reason is that the rules as to what programs can do in there are super strict, and causes more harm than good, the best solution is to install FSX somewhere else, even C:\FSX beats the Program Files folder any day of the week.


Another thing you may check is if the "Read Only" box is ticked on the folder properties of the PMDG Aircraft or the CFG file.

Does it at all install the livery texture folders themselves?

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