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Request for a small waterclass adjustment

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Hi all,


I'm using Striking Software's TNCM, and the scenery was intentionally set up with "inland brown" in some parts of Simpson Bay Lagoon. Here is a thread already on the subject:




Personally, I'd prefer to have something blue showing up in the lagoon instead of that brown color. Otherwise, I think I like the rest of the Striking Software waterclass.


I looked into creating my own waterclass file to sit on top of the Striking Software waterclass to adjust the color of the water in the lagoon. I hate to sound lazy, but it looks like in the time it would take me to just download and install the required tools (without even learning how to use anything), someone more experienced could have the entire thing done. I have no interest in getting into scenery design long term.


Would anyone be willing to help me out by creating a small waterclass layer to change the brown inland area to something more blue. I'm not sure what the options are, but a dark, inland blue would probably work well.



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