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Opus Software

TrackIR Interface

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Before using the interface you MUST 'Check For Game Updates' within your TrackIR5 and ensure OpusFSX is listed in Titles under the Advanced Settings tab. Stop and restart TrackIR.


Prior to using the TrackIR5 device via OpusFSX you must ensure TrackIR5 does not directly connect to the FSX/P3D simulator. To accomplish this you MUST rename the two SimConnect manifest files within the TrackIR5 installation folder. The folder is usually located in either,


c:\Program Files\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5 (Win 7 32-bit)

or, c:\Program Files (x86)\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5 (Win 7 64-bit)


BEFORE using the OpusFSX TrackIR5 interface you MUST rename the two manifest files,



and, simconnectSP2.manifest


We recommend renaming these files to,



and, simconnectSP2_RENAMED.manifest


If you wish to revert back to using TrackIR without the OpusFSX interface then you will have to change these files back to their original names.


Ensure you have no other software packages running that are trying to control the camera, create camera shake effects, or aircraft shake effects.

Run TrackIR and FSX before running OpusFSX.


TrackIR effects must be tuned using the TrackIR smoothness setting. Some users set TrackIR smoothness to a low value, most setting it to zero. I have mine set to 5 and it actually has a detrimental effect on my system when I lower it. In Beta 2.12.3 onwards you should experiment with the TrackIR smoothness on your own system and set it to a value your PC is happy with to avoid any jerky DHM movements. Use the test options within the DHM dialog to see what the DHM should look like on your system, then try taxiing up and down in windowed mode and adjust your TrackIR smoothness to give you the optimum effect.


For your information, in-house our TrackIR5 settings are configured as Speed=0.8, Smooth=5, Motion Adjustment=All boxes ticked.


The OpusFSX server program automatically disables the TrackIR interface whenever the Cameras dialog is opened, allowing normal camera configuration and editing with the TrackIR device.


This is the first beta release of this interface, we have not as yet considered imposing any limits on the TrackIR head movement. This will most probably be included in a later beta release or at least before release.


It has been reported that TrackIR4 hardware will work with TrackIR5 software (drivers).

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