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DCS World SU25T Limited Systems?

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Does the stand alone freeware Frogfoot have limitations in the weapon systems?

I know about the non-clickable cockpit.


For Ex:


For Air-To-Air:

- Hit 6

- choose the Msl by hitting D

- Wait for tone...

- Full tone

- Fire


But the Missile doesnt depart of my wingpot and zip.

Same with those guided rockets in Air-To-Ground mode 7


Im I missing something here or is the Froggy not fully operational as a gift in World?


As a beginner with DCS World, I've had some joy with FC2 a couple a years back, I have to say information like tutorials and explanations is very poor or very scattered round the web. Its frustrating and a NoNo for starters.


I feel like going back to the die hard simmers core (FSX, IVAO, VATSIM,..) and stay away from this type of "flight"?-Simming.



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The Su-25T on DCS:W has the same of FC1/2 and at some level of near FC3. The airplane has a good AFM (advanced Flight Model) but the cockpit need wait to a future full DCS;Su-25T addon to full operation (if applicable)

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