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Jim Padgett

Scenery Missing ILS data under Facility Information?

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I have Blueprint's KIAD scenery.


When I look at the airport in the FSX map view .. the center runways don't include the ILS becons..

When I look at the actual bgl file using Airport Editor the ils information is in the bgl file.


Any ideas why this would be ?


When I select ILS marker on runway ( I select in the area of the triangular marker at the end of the runway )



Type: ILS

Frequency : 110.75 MHz

Heading: 11




Type: ILS

Frequency: 111.30 MHz

Heading 11




Type: ILS

Frequency: 110.10 MHz

Heading 11

Under Facility Information I get:


Washington Dulles Intl (KIAD)


ATIS: 134.850 MHz

Clearance Delivery: 135.700 MHz

Ground: 121.900 MHz

Ground: 132.450 MHz

Tower: 120.100 MHz

Tower: 128.425 MHz

Departure: 125.050 MHz

Departure: 126.650 MHz

Approach: 120.450 MHz

Approach: 124.650 MHz

Approach: 126.100 MHz

UNICOM: 122.950 MHz


Latitude: N38*56.67'

Longitude: W77*27.35'

Elevation: 312 FT


Runway Length Surface ILS ID ILS Freq ILS Hdg

1C 11501 Concrete

19C 11501 Concrete

1R 11500 Concrete IIAD 110.100 011

19L 11500 Concrete ISGC 110.100 191

12 10501 Concrete IAJU 109.300 121

30 10501 Concrete

1L 9400 Concrete IOIU 110.750 011

19R 9400 Concrete IISU 110.750 191

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I have resolved this issue.. I had a duplicate .bgl file in my scenery folder...



KUDOS to BluePrint Software for their support for this legacy product. They corrected a scenery ILS issue and provided exceptional support to resolve my issues as well as support their product.


KIAD now has all runway ILS's and is working fine.

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