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  1. I was curious if anyone tried the flight at home ? The movie was great and indicated there was some question if the plane could have made the runways... just curious if anyone had duplicated the scenario.
  2. Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely ...
  3. And in the US all persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law ... Chew on that one..... It is supossed to be really hard to convict ... by it's very nature of the power of government to suppress it's citizens....
  4. http://forum.avsim.n...x-to-new-drive/ Remember not to have any folder open in an explorer window... this could be why you get your error when attempting to rename.
  5. Jim Padgett

    Moving FSX to SSD..

  6. Jim Padgett

    Anyone else with hard FSCAPTAIN problems?

    Have you been to their support boards? I have found their support to be very good.
  7. Jim Padgett

    No airport static aircraft at all

    I can't find it now, but I am pretty sure there is a commercial product that was created just for this purpose.... my old memory just won't let me drag it to the surface.
  8. It is my understanding that windows does a pretty good job of managing itself. It is doubtful that a second process can have any real effect on another process's memory pool. What I believe most memory managers are doing is simply reshuffling the system's free memory pool that is available to all processes for dubious gains... That being said a good emergency boot disk with a few good utilities is a must have.
  9. You know can turn off various features of System Mechanic don't you? So no more automatic features .....
  10. When you start it manually does it always start but not open a window? If you have done the remove / reinstall thing with no change, and no vendor help ... Run as Administrator ? http://www.simforums.com/forums/ezdok-not-functioning_topic34172.html You could try loading it from depends.exe and see if that will tell you anything..
  11. Kill that task in task manager, then start it manually.. I haven't used EZDOK in a while and can't remember if you just use hot-keys to bring up the interface...
  12. Jim Padgett

    Need help installing v2.3

    Was the file listed in the error actually on your pc ? c:\Windows|Installer|Prepar3D.MSI You never reported about that... this is the easy way... If it is missing copy it from your 2.2 install ... Or simply reinstall 2.2 and then reboot and uninstall it again.
  13. Jim Padgett

    Need help installing v2.3

    OK so here is the story ... When you install apps... you get: Files copied to your computer ... and registry entries concerning those files... When you remove them both... your app is gone .... The trick is knowing you have removed them all ... It may take a little sleuthing, but it can be done...
  14. Jim Padgett

    Need help installing v2.3

    Network error occurred while attempting to read from the file C;\Windows|Installer|Prepar3D.MSI" Is this file present on your computer ? If not put a copy there and try again... If so .... and you are sure you don't have any P3d files left on your computer.... MS has a fix for Add/Remove programs I don't remember the link but search for 'programs not installed, but still in installed programs list' or something like that... Or if you feel froggy ... Search your registry for "C:\Windows\Installer\Prepar3D" and or any reference to Prepar3D ... and remove them.... ( if you don't backup regularly... then by all means backup your registry first ... and it goes without saying make sure you know how to restore it .. Or you can make a system restore point before you muck about with it...
  15. Jim Padgett

    Anyone own the addon Air Hauler?

    I found it tied too hard to a real time clock... If you schedule a flight and them real life happens by the time you get back to starting your sim... you have missed the flight time window and loose $$$ and rep... Just a bit too real for my tastes .....