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  1. Hammerfs

    Hat Switch pan not working

    Thank You Mike I will try that. Cheers Neil B
  2. Hi..... Firstly I love Chase Plane thank you for your great product. I have the latest version and have the latest update... I am able to create presets and camera angles no problem... but.. I have lost my hat switch pan function on my saitek x52. Nothing I seem to do will get it panning around like it did before I installed CP. It seems to move in the direction I want very slightly... then seems to hit a 'stopper' (it stops).It is probably a noob solution but I cant get it to pan around so something is preventing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Neil B
  3. Hammerfs

    No Livery Manager in Operations Centre

    You are correct sir.
  4. Hi Everyone hope you are all good. Here is my very frustrating issue. I have just downloaded the latest versions of 777 base package and 737 800-900 base package. I switched to FSX Steam and thought it would be advisable to re-download both my 737 and 777 PMDG products. I had a retail version of FSX on my system but have completely removed it including ALL references to it in registry and files. I also checked to make sure I had NO references in files and registry to any PMDG instances. (uninstalled PMDG products via control panel, deleted all PMDG folders and any references to PMDG in registry). So I install FSX-Steam and all goes well. I followed all the procedures for FSX-Steam installs for all my addons and have evrything working fine. Big problem now is when I installed my 2 PMDG aircraft I noticed that it did not automatically put a Operations Centre icon on my desktop which I thought was a bit strange.. anyway I continued on and both my 777 and 737 seemed to install fine and I have had no issues with the aircraft themselves. I found the PMDG Operations Centre under 'All Program/PMDG' but inside the OC I have absolutely no way to add liveries to my aircraft, no Livery Manager tab or anything enabling livery downloads. I remember there used to be a downloadable Livery Manager on the PMDG site but that appears to have disappeared as well. I love the PMDG products but dont want to fly around in the house livery forever. Please... if anyone can help or guide me to help I would be very grateful. Cheers Neil B * I did uninstall a second time taking great care to remove all reference to PMDG and then downloaded latest files again and installed but still no Livery Manager. PMDG order Numbers: [order numbers removed - please don't post these in public places] Windows 7 Pro 64bit running FSX Steam Edition Intel Core i7 4790K (Haswell) 4 GHz Liquid cooled. Nvidia GeForce GTX 750i 32Gig Ram SSD drives Ok very sorry... in the ops centre I had been selecting the PMDG 737NGX-FSX:SE versions of my aircraft.. doh.. I just selected the standard PMDG 737NGX-FSX version and there is my Livery Manager and Livery Downloader..... My bad Cheers Neil B
  5. Oh right, thanks very much Jim.
  6. Hi I just bought ( March 18 2015) the latest version of the PMDG 737NGX 800-900 for installation on FSX Steam version. The product install seemed to go ok but when I launch FSX Steam there are only the standard 737 800 and 737 900 versions showing, NO versions with winglets. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Cheers Neil B
  7. Hi everyone, I just bought a new Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with quadrant and rudder pedals. I have been using my Saitek X52 pro sytem up until now but wanted something a bit better for FSX airliners. I use my X52 for combat flying. My issue is that when I went to load the drivers etc for the yoke onto my computer it detected another saitek product (The X52) and said it had to uninstall that product to install the flight yoke. I still want to keep the X52 for combat but want to also have the flight yoke for Fsx.. I have heard of people being able to configure both an Saitek X52 and a Saitek pro flight yoke together so that they dont have conflicting saitek software/drivers etc and the x52 throttle can be used as a throttle and the yoke quadrant can be used for other things like spoilers, landing gear etc.. It would also be great to have the extra hat switches and buttons on the X52 as the yoke only has a limited number. So my question is does anyone know how to configure these two great devices together.. I have searched everywhere I can think of for answers but just cannot get any info on this. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Cheers Neil B
  8. Hammerfs

    No airport static aircraft at all

    Thanks Guys. I will try ADE cheers Neil B
  9. Hi, I am pretty new to simming and cant figure out where my airport static aircraft have gone. I took off from LFPG Paris and landed at EGKK Gatwick and there were not even default static aircraft at either airport. I have my FSX setting (TRAFFIC) set to (Aviation traffic) Airline traffic density (%) 61, General aviation traffic density (%) 61 and Airport vehicle density: Medium. I am sure I must be doing something wrong but dont know what. Just wanted to get some static aircraft on airports to enhance my airport experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Neil Bishop
  10. Hammerfs

    Descent Path Deleted

    Apologies Downscc will put full name. Hi Gary I will post full route + sid/star/trans this weekend when I get back home. Thanks for the help guys. Cheers Neil Bishop
  11. Hammerfs

    Descent Path Deleted

    Yup... was in vnav/lnav flaps correct as was landing ref flaps and speed.. confirmed in FMC... radio set 400ft (LFPG 395ft I think :() anyway the setup looked perfect. I do read the manual.... Other than this little hickup...... I love this 777 it just seems...powerful.
  12. Hammerfs

    Descent Path Deleted

    Hi, I bought the PMDG 777 a few days ago and have had 2 instances of strange behavior on approaches. The first time was an approach to LFPG (Paris Charles De Gaul) Runway 26R ILS 109.10/266. Had flown a short flight from Zurich and all was well till 10NM from touchdown. Once on approach path 266 I selected LOC to capture the localiser and suddenly I got an FMC message 'Descent path deleted' I got a bit of a shock as my aircraft started to climb rapidly. I disengaged AP and Auto thrust and landed the aircraft manually. Anyway I though I would try again selecting a different runway today ..so took off from Zurich again ..no issues on flight till.. you know it... lined up perfectly om 27L 110.70/266 and once again selected LOC to capture localiser... being ready this time I wasnt suprised to get a ''Descent path deleted" notice from the FMC again.... Aircraft started to climb to my missed approach altitude...This time though I reset speed and altitude in the fmc and then selected APP after the glide slope came alive and the aircraft descended along the glide slope .. however at 500ft my I got a notice on my main display 'no autoland ' or something like 'autoland not available'.(was a bit busy so not sure what the exact message was sry).. no problem though the aircraft put me nicely on the runway but of course no flair or rollout. I was wondering if its me just not setting up correctly (which is the most likely senario) or wether there is a bug in the 777. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way did the first 777 PMDG tutorial to Dubai with no descent or approach problems. Cheers NB
  13. Hi Howard, when you purchased ASN you should have received an email with the serial/licence number. Check your emails and spam folder. If you cant find it go back to the place you purchased it from (e.g. PC Aviator etc) and submit a support ticket I am sure they will be able to help you. Cheers NB