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    I am semi retired and was a gamer (FPS) for a long time..now I have taken up Flight sim and am really enjoying the relaxation of cruisy flying
  1. Hat Switch pan not working

    Thank You Mike I will try that. Cheers Neil B
  2. Hi..... Firstly I love Chase Plane thank you for your great product. I have the latest version and have the latest update... I am able to create presets and camera angles no problem... but.. I have lost my hat switch pan function on my saitek x52. Nothing I seem to do will get it panning around like it did before I installed CP. It seems to move in the direction I want very slightly... then seems to hit a 'stopper' (it stops).It is probably a noob solution but I cant get it to pan around so something is preventing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Neil B
  3. Hi Everyone hope you are all good. Here is my very frustrating issue. I have just downloaded the latest versions of 777 base package and 737 800-900 base package. I switched to FSX Steam and thought it would be advisable to re-download both my 737 and 777 PMDG products. I had a retail version of FSX on my system but have completely removed it including ALL references to it in registry and files. I also checked to make sure I had NO references in files and registry to any PMDG instances. (uninstalled PMDG products via control panel, deleted all PMDG folders and any references to PMDG in registry). So I install FSX-Steam and all goes well. I followed all the procedures for FSX-Steam installs for all my addons and have evrything working fine. Big problem now is when I installed my 2 PMDG aircraft I noticed that it did not automatically put a Operations Centre icon on my desktop which I thought was a bit strange.. anyway I continued on and both my 777 and 737 seemed to install fine and I have had no issues with the aircraft themselves. I found the PMDG Operations Centre under 'All Program/PMDG' but inside the OC I have absolutely no way to add liveries to my aircraft, no Livery Manager tab or anything enabling livery downloads. I remember there used to be a downloadable Livery Manager on the PMDG site but that appears to have disappeared as well. I love the PMDG products but dont want to fly around in the house livery forever. Please... if anyone can help or guide me to help I would be very grateful. Cheers Neil B * I did uninstall a second time taking great care to remove all reference to PMDG and then downloaded latest files again and installed but still no Livery Manager. PMDG order Numbers: [order numbers removed - please don't post these in public places] Windows 7 Pro 64bit running FSX Steam Edition Intel Core i7 4790K (Haswell) 4 GHz Liquid cooled. Nvidia GeForce GTX 750i 32Gig Ram SSD drives Ok very sorry... in the ops centre I had been selecting the PMDG 737NGX-FSX:SE versions of my aircraft.. doh.. I just selected the standard PMDG 737NGX-FSX version and there is my Livery Manager and Livery Downloader..... My bad Cheers Neil B