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VoxATC : Having trouble getting correct SID at KATL

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I've been reading the forum and following all of the instructions to a tee, but I still cannot get VoxATC to give me the correct SID. I'm currently evaluating the product using the demo version to see if I want to take the plunge and purchase it.


I'm filing a very commonly flown airline flight plan from Atlanta to Chicago O'Hare (KATL to KORD) as follows:


(Bold/underline markings are the SID and STAR, respectively)


To get VoxATC to work correctly, I've made sure that CADIT is a waypoint on the flight plan, which is the last waypoint on the CADIT7 SID; that way, I should get the appropriate CADIT7 SID when the runway is assigned. However, despite all attempts, all Vox wants to assign me is the ATL6.09R departure, which is Atlanta's vectored departure procedure for the runway that it's assigning me. Ugh.


Vox has been assigning me to runway 09R every time so far, so I tried building a flight plan that included every waypoint on the CADIT7.09R SID (KATL->PICKT->RONII->BEDRK->RBEKA->CADIT). Not very realistic, but I thought I'd try it just to see -- but even with every SID waypoint included in the plan, it's still clearing me for the ATL6.09R vectored departure rather than the CADIT7.09R SID.


I've tried creating the flight w/ the plan, saving the flight, stopping it, reloading the flight, checking the kneeboard navlog to make sure the plan is correct, etc. -- nothing seems to work.


Would someone mind looking at this straightforward flight plan for me and provide some guidance please? I must be missing something obvious.


The other issue I'm having is that I'm reading back the clearance exactly as stated in the Vox window (and I've done extensive speech training with it using multiple flight plans), but I'm not getting the "readback correct" statement ... it just pauses and asks me to repeat the departure procedure + runway portion of the clearance, which I do - then it just pauses. I then say "Delta one zero eight five, say again?" and it repeats the entire clearance again ... and it's just that vicious cycle over and over again - it won't give me "readback correct" and direct me to the ground controller as expected. Double ugh.


I'm still running the demo version to decide whether to buy ... so far, I'm not feeling too good about it, but perhaps it's user error.


Other things I've done:

  • Completed the Runway Number Update
  • Run the VoxATC indexer
  • (I have not tried to customize the plan using the SID & STAR setup -- my understanding is that I shouldn't have to do that with one of the SID waypoints included in the plan)


Some extra details about my setup:

  • Intel i7 4-core 8-thread overclocked at 3.2 GHz, 16GB RAM
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • FSX w/ SP1 & 2
  • Level-D 767-300ER (I love this aircraft) with latest Navigraph navdata (VoxATC pointed to the correct folder as well)
  • Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 (headset is working quite well with Windows speech recognition)
  • Flight plans produced using FSBuild against the latest Navigraph navdata
  • ImagineSim KATL scenery 2012 -- fantastic representation of the Atlanta airport; all runways, etc. are fully up to date - the Runway Number Update didn't need to make any changes to KATL

If I can get VoxATC to work through this particular flight reliably (one of my favorites), then I will probably make the purchase.


Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Dan Sloan

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Hi all,


Turns out that it was user error. :). My flight plan had multiple CADIT waypoints in it, which confused Vox. Once I cleaned up and filed the flight plan again, it worked like a champ. Cool product. :)

Dan Sloan

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