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Virgin Virtual - Call For Staff

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Hello everyone,


Now in the last stages of development, we are looking for a group of dedicated staff members for Virgin Virtual, a virtual airline simulating operations of Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia. These three airlines cover destinations throughout the world, with many in the United States and Australia. In addition, all three of them have interconnecting routes. In other words, it is possible to fly into a city on one carrier and depart on another carrier form that same city.


Virgin Virtual will have one of the best fully custom websites and ACARS flight tracking programs available, as well as an active community in the forums and TeamSpeak server. Everything from flight booking to chat and fuel briefing is included in the ACARS program, all on a clean and fast user interface. We are looking to present the best virtual airline modeling Virgin Group's operations, and the only custom one!


In addition to this, using some very new technology, we have access to worldwide flight schedules for any airline on any given day. This allows us to keep updated schedules for the Virgin Group airlines down to the date, as well as for any code share airlines we may add in the future.


As of right now, we are dangerously close to launching this brand new virtual airline. We are now looking for a team of staff to help maintain an active community, present new ideas, keep the virtual airline running efficiently, and bring an easy-going attitude. The goal here is to allow pilots to fly as realistically as they choose and create an enjoyable, professional environment for them to fly in.


If you are interested in becoming a staff member, please send an email to ceo@virginva.org. We will follow up shortly after to offer more information about specific positions and the application process.


Thank you for your interest!

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